On Kyrie Fisher of Tulsa Union

Kyrie Fisher of Tulsa Union is live on KOTV-6 in NEOK in the state championship game. He is a big dude (listed at 6-4 x 230). Playing OLB or maybe standup DE, he has two sacks already and has very quick feet.

He looks too big for LB … hard to say though given the normal size of HS competition … is he a candidate for speed rush DE?

I hope we get him, but Minnesota recruiting site is saying he is back solid to them. Crazy we can’t flip a kid 2hours away when his other Power 5 offer is in the frozen wastes of the far north! To your point though, it’s an interesting question. Lord knows Ark really needs rush ends.

Actually, Jackson, we need coaches who believe in using rush ends. I

You are assuming Arkansas has space for him.

I am assuming that, too, but I don’t know for sure.

If he truly is solid to Minnesota, then Arkansas may not because he sure seems as if he wants to be here.

It is clear that Arkansas wants a DE and DT

As for him being too big to be a LB, that’s just not true.

I stood next to him a few weeks ago.

I assume they have room for either him or Johnston -correct?

Correct. Only room for one.

Well do we think we will get one of the two?

Am I correct per what Dudley has said in the past if Fisher wanted to commit he could do so irrespective of Johnston? Just trying to understand the hold up if the kid has an offer and told Dudley he wants to go to Arkansas. In other words once a kid is offered he has the green light to commit and is not on hold because they are waiting on someone - correct?

Everything I’ve heard is the first one to jump on board is the guy.

I do.

Richard when is last time you talked to him? One of the Minnesota sites says he’s reaffirmed his commitment. Be interesting to see what he would tell AR media.

Sweet… Looks like it might have been Johnston that jumped first… But either way

I don’t recall saying that. It is my understanding that it is one or the other

I’m not talking specifically about Fisher. Generally speaking you have said EJ Franks has told you when they offer someone there are no conditions. In other words when Arkansas offers a kid he has the green light to commit.

Is my understanding correct?

Also hearing today that there are two other linebackers in this mix for one spot

Michigan State offered Fisher this week

I have been very clear - at least I thought I had - in that Arkansas issues a scholarship offer and that kid has the chance to commit right away.

But I also listed conditions about positions, numbers, etc., at the tail end of a class.

So to be very clear - there comes a time when that scholarship could go away simply because of a numbers crunch. That is explained to a kid at the start.

They just don’t make a habit of doing that.

I have NEVER said that Arkansas absolutely does not pull scholarships as evidenced by the two Louisiana WRs that ended up at TCU a few years ago. They definitely pulled those.

Dudley, numbers crunch? I know you’ve stated on here either Fisher or Johnston, and we would still have at least one scholarship for best available. Could we not end up with both?

I guess if they didn’t get the ones at the top of the board.

Clearly - from this weekend’s list - they are looking to add a DT and DE - and we know they are still trying to add a CB and a LB.

That would be 23.

Maybe Coach B will expand on things tonight