On Kopps’ breakout season

Kevin Kopps’ success this year has been even more impressive when compared against his poor 2020 numbers.

I spoke to Kopps and pitching coach Matt Hobbs about that turnaround, and the change to his fastball that brought life back to his cutter.


Good stuff. Hobbs predicted this breakout return to form in January. He got it right.

That 2 seamer was the difference

He’s been Phenomenal! Just hope his arm can handle the workload we are going to put on him.

I think eventually you’re going to see teams not even swing the bat against him,because the pitch is impossible to hit so why even swing,and take their chance that it’s going to be a ball, which most are.He is automatic if they continue to try and hit it though.

He has improved his draft stock to this point. If he keeps shutting down opponents it will only continue to bring the spotlight shinning brighter.

Hard worker and classy.

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He is fun to watch. He wears a number that should be reserved for only right-handed pitchers.

I just enjoy watching our hogs and having the opportunity to watch the growth of the players form year to year.
We are all very lucky to have our hogs in all sports!

Just thinking about it. We are dam lucky to have the classiest programs in college. Best AD who gets the classiest coaches who in turn gets the classiest players. Finally that brings in the classiest fans.
That last one might be bit of a stretch sometimes, :upside_down_face::innocent:

Arkansas baseball fans are knowledgeable. There are enthusiastic fans for other programs who don’t know all that much about baseball.

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