On Kjerstad's opposite-field prowess

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Shaddy likes to go the other way too. Do you know how many of his hits were to cf and rf?

There are multiple hitters this year who are doing a good job of going the other way. Eric Cole has done it from both sides. But I only charted Kjerstad’s because of what I had observed from him.

Have you seen stats to indicate whether Cole hits better from the right or left side? I haven’t noticed much difference.

To me, Cole looks more comfortable from the left side, but his batting average is higher from the right (.357) than it is from the left (.319). Of course he has about 50 more at-bats against right handers than he does lefties.

On Cole, I don’t go by the right-left numbers all the time because you need to know who the pitchers might have been. I have always thought he was better right-handed. I thought it was a given that he was better from the right and seems to have more pull power from the right. But I just don’t have information to back it up.

Generally, switch hitters have more pull power with their dominant throwing hand. That would be right for Cole.

It’s funny but there was a period of time when some thought for golf you should be better if you switched away from your dominant hand. In other words, if you threw right, play golf left handed. If you threw left, play golf right handed.

I had an uncle who learned to play right handed. That’s because there was only one full set of righthanded clubs for the four boys. That was depression days. Uncle Travis was lefty in baseball and everything else but had to learn to play righthanded in golf.

So he was about a 6 handicap playing righthanded when he left for WWII. When he came back and had money in his pocket for the first time, he bought lefty clubs. Almost immediately he was a scratch player lefty, but could still play well righthanded.

Uncle Travis had the ultimate con. He’d play someone new righthanded and beat him. Then bet that he could also beat him lefty. Of course, if he beat you righty, he was going to kill you lefty. Eventually, everyone figured that out. He did continue to carry one righthanded club (seven iron, I think) just in case he got behind or next to a tree or obstacle and needed a righty swing to get out of trouble.

hopefully Cole can get back on track,he’s been struggling,need him tonight especially against their great Lefty. I have always thought he was better RH hitter.