On Kamani Johnson's big night vs. Elon

Kamani Johnson’s big night against Elon was a byproduct of what Eric Musselman called his "best practices and his most focused practices” over the last week.

More on the spark and toughness he provided Tuesday:


Johnson plus Wade is exactly what we need to get on track and where we want to be heading.

Both good presence and active around rim on both sides of floor.

Physical and help keep D’s honest

A little more guard penetration and keep improving the shooting and this team has chance to turn corner and make a mark

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I like his energy. He’s got a good motor and it’s very active around the goal touches a lot of balls and draw some fouls and looks to be a decent free throw shooter I would definitely be giving him some minutes going forward. We need him in my opinion

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Elon players finished 1 of 9 on two-point attempts when Trey Wade and Kamani Johnson were the nearest Arkansas defenders. They contested shots very, very well.


Wade blocking the 3-pt shot by the Elon player was amazing, really. You don’t see 3-pt shots get blocked very often.

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Ya’ll hear that Bama was whipped in Birmingham by Davidson? Apparently they could not make their three-pointers. That’s sorta good news.

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The big thing I noticed on Johnson was he was talking and directing on the floor a lot of the time. Good communication and leadership.

And when they do get blocked there’s often a foul called. Wade got it clean, didn’t come close to fouling the guy.

Yeah Davidson’s got a very good team that’s a mild upset but not a big one.

But more than anything, it shows that Bama is not infallible. They live and die by the three.

Yep they always have and always will still a very dangerous team

Good point. The last Razorback player I remember that was adept at blocking 3-pt shots w/o fouling was Todd Day. Trey’s block of that 3 last nite was impressive. Clean block, no foul. Pure hustle on his part.

Stanley did it against Hofstra, tipped the ball to himself then got a layup out of it. One of the more impressive defensive plays I’ve seen this season. Trey’s was great. I think his athleticism surprises people at times, especially defensively.

I was very impressed with Umude when we gave him the ball inside he immediately powered up for an easy basket.We need to get the ball to him and Toney like that all the time they are by far our best inside scorers

No team in SEC is head and shoulders above the others. After that impressive win over Gonzaga, Bama has fallen off a bit. Lots of talk about Wade and LSU, but they really haven’t played anyone particularly good in their non-conference schedule. Auburn looks like the most complete team so far, to me anyway.
Tennessee close to picking up a good win against Arizona.

Reminds me of “The Worm”, Rodman, the way he flails around and makes crazy hustle plays. Hope we see more of the same. We need that energy and hustle.


I see a little Isaiah Butch Morris in Johnson.

My guess is, we him see 20 minutes per game the rest of the way.

Where has he been?


Butch could shoot!

And where has he been….? On the bench. Feels like Muss brought in too many guys that are all pretty good in one way or another. Just hard to sort it all out.

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