On JD Notae’s big game vs. UNI

Wrote about the unique moment Eric Musselman and JD Notae shared late in the second half vs. UNI after a game-sealing steal and the guard flirting with a triple-double Wednesday:

Your mention of a “lively crowd” reminded me that the video stream didn’t give a good picture of how many people were there, at least not anything I saw. I know they’re going to announce 19,200 attendance all season due to tickets sold. Any estimate on the butts-in-seats count?

My estimate would somewhere in the 11-13 thousand range. Not close to full, but a pretty good crowd for a mid November Wednesday game against a mid major

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Thanks. Sounded pretty loud but they could have just had the crowd effects mic turned up.

Agree with that. Crowds have been fun through 3 games and there’s still room for 4,000-5,000 more people.

Why was Devo tossed? Read in another article, but didn’t explain.

For shoving a UNI player into the courtside seats. Was given a Flagrant 2 and ejected.

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I’ve been probably one of the slowest posters to come around 100% on Notae this season. After these first 3 games, and especially after last night, I’m all in! And in this game, one of his worst games shooting from the 3 point line (1-7), he was just phenomenal in every other aspect of his game. Really amazing vision and passing skills on display in this game.

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Thanks Scott, doesn’t sound like something he’d do, guess heat of the moment.

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I didn’t think it was a shove from the angle on TV. Kinda more like a hockey hip check. Is that a flagrant 2? I guess so, at least for that crew.

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Scottie is it possible to do a story on how the transfers are enjoying playing in front of Hog fans in Bud Walton? It must be invigorating for them.

Shoulder shove type of deal is what I saw. Kind of jarring to see that from Devo.

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From 1100 miles away it didn’t look that bad on a 14-inch laptop screen, and I thought maybe the UNI guy thought he was in a soccer match for a minute (i.e., a flop). But it could well have been worse than it looked. Not something Devo needed to be doing anyway.

I had a job interview last winter in Waterloo, Iowa, about 10 miles from the UNI campus. Went exploring before I went back to the airport and drove past the UNIdome and the new hoops arena next to it. That would have been interesting last night if I’d been working in Panther country.

One of the best things he did offensively last night was not force the issue when dragging ball screens, especially on his last 2 assists. Sometimes in those situations we’ll see him do everything he can to get around a defender who checks him off a pick and look to score. Against UNI he was really patient and hit teammates when passing windows opened.

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More like ran up on him to let him know who’s lane he’s in and the kid took a Superman dive into 4 of the most conveniently over padded and empty court side seats I’ve ever seen.

Coincidently St Johns also had a guard ejected last night for some bologna. I guess this is the inverse of letting them play in the postseason. Overreact in November

And I’ll just add this: JD has had three great games so far. In the opener he was a bit wild at times, but Eric Musselman is going to live with some of that because he has improved so much defensively. Kind of part of the Against Mercer he was under control and scored 18 points despite missing some really high-quality looks from deep. And last night he impacted every area on the game. Very, very valuable guy.


Devo knew what he did. That’s why he didn’t react any type of way after it happened. He’ll be fine. Just a bad moment.

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Oh absolutely. And I would say the team responded positively. (And nothing extracurricular occurred the rest of the game Bc it wasn’t really nothing vicious to begin with) We can say he shouldn’t do it again. And probably 99% of the situations he better not, but that one didn’t make me any less of a Devo fan. Hope he is one of our leaders this year. Looks like all of the starters are taking a lot of pride in the Razorback on their shirt and in leading their teammates. I’ll take big heart over a big front court everyday.

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Same here! I wish the worst thing I ever did on a basketball court in the heat of the moment was what Devo did. It will be a learning moment for him. He’s a great kid.

I’m sure Muss will also “explain” to him how he hurt the team by doing that and it could have cost us the game. We just can’t lose him for 15 minutes in a close game. It was a dumb thing to do, but in actuality, it probably helped this team come together and pick up this win in spite of his loss.

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That guy knew EXACTLY what he was doing. The shove was not strong enough to take out 4 seats on the front row. I was half surprised he didn’t call for a stretcher to really sell it.

I think it was a flagrant 2 simply because it wasn’t a basketball play.

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