On Jaylin Williams' toughness, rebounding vs. Florida

“He really showed what he was capable of doing,” Justin Smith said.

Jaylin Williams’ interior defense vs. Florida bigs and his effort on the glass was vital in Arkansas’ win Tuesday. On his impact in 23 minutes in the lineup:

Jaylin is impressively strong for a freshman. His first foul of the game a FL player basically ran into him in the paint and got knocked back without JW doing much but standing there. As his offense develops he is going to be a force.

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He was a good shooter in high school. He hit a lot of threes.
We haven’t seen that yet.

Yes I thought he would be an impact player on offense, didn’t know about defense, but for some reason, he’s hesitant to shoot in games and has missed badly on a few but is 80% from the line with a very smooth stroke and Muss has said he’s a good shooter but has no confidence yet but once he gets that look out!

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The UF forward, castleman, was posting him up, and SLAMMED into jaylin 3 times, how on earth all 3 weren’t fouls I have no idea, any of the 3 would have broken my nose. But jaylin didn’t move an inch! We rewound it up a couple times, really impressive how strong he is, especially for a frosh!

Later in the 2nd half, we got a defensive rebound, jaylin wasn’t part of the play, but a gator forward flew in to get an offensive rebound, landed on Jaylin’s head and shoulder, and it barely moved him. Had to rewind that one also. Would have killed me lol

And like you guys have mentioned,
He really had a nice shot in hs, when that reappears, watch out!


That first sequence you described is how I led this story. It was impressive.

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I’d rather see him try and make a lot more inside 10 feet shots. I hear John Wooden in my right ear saying “use the glass”.

For sure, use the glass in close! I think John Wooden affected all of us of that age with that saying. If you hit the square rather softly, there is a good chance the ball is going in.

The defensive play mentioned when he stood his ground in the Post was special and was important to the game. After being banged 3 times, their center went up for the shot further out than he wanted. Jaylin went Straight up with him making the shot very difficult and a miss. I think Jaylin rebounded the miss but perhaps not. I was very impressed with that play.

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