On Jaylin Williams’ passing thru 2 games

“I just think it’s kind of natural,” Eric Musselman said.

Ahead of Arkansas’ game vs. Northern Iowa tonight, I detailed what we’ve seen from Jaylin Williams in terms of vision and shot creation in the Razorbacks’ first 2 games:

Jwill is a great passer, great rebounder, great at drawing charges,but we really need him to learn how to score. He has got to work on his inside game and get a lot better shooting the ball from the outside. We get 8 or 10 points a game from him it will make this team a totally different team

He can shoot the ball. He proved that over and over in high school.

He just need to make a couple of threes in games to get his confidence up.

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Yeah, I saw every game he played at Catholic High. Always came back from that game thinking he was a great three point shooter and passer with no inside game. He could flat shoot it. I think as a Razorback, he just doesn’t seem to be in rhythm shooting the ball and seems to be unsure whether he should shoot it not. Don’t know if he has that green light.

Yeah I saw the same things you did in high school and I saw him hit a few in the red white game so there is potential there but he’s got to be able to do it at this level and do it consistently, his shot looks very flat to me not much Arch at all. He would be huge for our offense if he can do that, he’s big enough to be able to score inside too. I just want him to be a complete player and I think he can,he’s a hard worker.

strongest aspect of JWill game is passing which is why Connor can be absolutely complementary on court with JWill. CV is better shooter and shot blocker, JWill is really, really great passer and getting better rebounder. Many great passing big men in AR history and with my bias as what it is then I would put the Big O as the best. Funny how that works out when you are passig to great shooters and scorers.

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Arkansas’ offensive and defensive numbers when Jaylin and Connor shared the floor vs. Gardner-Webb. Incredible stuff on both ends. First and third columns are the on-court figures (from HoopLens):

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 12.39.09 PM


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