On Jaylin Williams' impactful play vs. Auburn

“The timing of it was perfect. It did great things for our momentum," Jalen Tate said.

Jaylin Williams notched the first signature moment of his career with a key one-hand putback dunk vs. Auburn. On that, and his overall impact in the Razorbacks’ comeback win:

Deep down inside us all we knew it was going to be the DPG that turned this thing around. The actual team DPG wasn’t off the charts but quality was there


The light came on last night for Jaylin, not saying he won’t have some tough outings but I cannot wait to see what he does against Vandy. With time on the court and in the weight room along with maturation he may turn into a beast before his time is over. Most importantly he contributed but stayed within himself and didn’t try to do to much which speaks volumes. Congratulations to the Hogs on a great comeback win ! WPS

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If we play Vandy. They’re having COVID problems. Again.

Forgot about that and I just read that last night, thank you! WPS

JW is going to take a lot of minutes from others and has earned a starting role.

Can we schedule the UConn men?

Sorry if I sound ignorant, but what is DPG?

Dunks per game. Gas is a big proponent of dunking…

Dunks per game

Game is still scheduled as of Thursday morning but there’s still time for that to change.

Lol. Don’t I feel stupid? Of course it’s dunks per game.

Oh I thought it stood for Daniel P Gafford!

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Don’t feel bad jeremy, I thought it stood for Down Past Greenwood…

When Daniel was on the court for us, both meanings were acceptable.

True. Big Dan contributed mightily to our DPG numbers. Unfortunately his windmill slams didn’t count double.

That series against Vandy, with the audible “thump” of the shot he blocked, then raced down court for that incredible windmill jam…yikes, that should have been 10 points. or perhaps even just called the game at that point, so the team and fans could celebrate appropriately.


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