On Isaiah Campbell's No. 1 role and 2018 struggles

Here is a lengthy read on Isaiah Campbell, who opens up some about his inconsistencies a year ago: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … uggles-18/

Lot of pressure on him to be the ace…hope he can stay healthy and get over the in stretch problems.

It is not easy to find a consistent Friday night starter in the SEC who can win…who can be count on. However, it is the key to a successful season for the hogs in any year, especially this year. I am rooting for Campbell. I think he has the stuff. I hope it develops this season. Baseball next Friday!

He has a great physique for a pitcher…long arms and a huge throwing arc and an effortless delivery of heat. He probably will be a reliever in the majors…don’t you think?

I think a lot of Friday games will be decided by DVH and Hobbs’ ability to read Campbell. Last season we lost a few games because he pitched one inning or even one batter too many. When he’s on, he’s electric, but DVH will be the gambler this year, deciding when to hold him and when to fold him. If he gets 6 innings that’s fantastic, but just based on history, 4 innings of clean pitching might be more realistic, then hand it off to a long reliever even if you know it puts your Sunday plans in a bind.

Sunday games are always wild no matter how good of a pitching plan you have, I say get the first win Friday anytime you can, and just be thankful for whatever Campbell can give you. Its not fair to him to expect a repeat of Knight’s performance last season. Also, we’ve seen a heavy workload take its toll on him before, so shorter starting appearances, particularly early in the season, might go a long way towards improving his durability/stamina late in the season. I’m sure this isn’t news to the coaching staff though. They’ll have a plan to try and get the most out of him this year.

I thought last year that his problems were mainly mental. Kind of like he gets the yips and can’t overcome it. From his comments, it appears that was more or less his take on it too. Sure hope he can overcome it. He is so good when he is on and has confidence. We have had pitchers who stumbled a little but then threw a big pitch or got an important out, and they were able to bounce back strong. Maybe some maturity and confidence will help him out this year.