On how Mike and his staff were ahead of trends, how they sell the program

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One of your best pieces Jimmy. Nice spot on analysis. Good stuff.


I kind of stumbled onto it a bit. We had 20 minutes to talk to whoever we wanted at media day and I spent probably 15 with T.J. Some of that was just chatting about NBA and Demarre, but one of the things I was interested to see was whether he thought Jaylen and Daryl would buy in more to moving off the ball, because it’s hard for motion to be effective without, you know, motion.

Asked if he ever just told them, ‘Look, Steph and Klay play the same way we want to, but you actually have to cut and move without the ball like you mean it.’ And he lit up and started talking about how they use it in recruiting and the advantages of playing that way. From there, we talked about how they bucked trends by not always playing with two traditional bigs and now everyone sees the advantages of small-ball and wants to do that.

It was a great conversation and then they worked on a lot of off-ball motion in the practice right after that.

I loved this article. It was a great piece of work.

Appreciate it.

If I see an article has been written by Jimmy Carter - I know there is going to be good info!

I appreciate it!