On Hornsby

I love the guy!

I think we are set up against some future foe for Malik to come in and have everything set up exactly like tonight–formation, man in motion, etc-- and have him throw a bomb on his first play. Don’t you know the safeties will cheat for the expected run.

I also like the fact that he has played meaningful downs in these games, rather than wait until next year–which is an old soap box complaint of mine. Play the 2nd teamer a little!


He came in in a difficult time against a great defense. He sputtered some, but when it came, he got them down to the 1 yd line. I puts a lot of zip on his throws. He will be fine.

He was nervous and twitchy and that’s to be expected especially against that defense and in that environment,
He has a long ways to go but he can be a Defense worst nightmare bc EVERY time he touches it he forces that defense to be perfect in their alignment or he can house call it in a nano second.

I hope KJ can stay healthy so he can learn from him and be better prepared for when its his time…He is an ELITE talent, just has to sand off the rough edges, bc when he does,he is going to scare the crap of SEC defenses


The young man played well! He did what the coaches ask him to do. The false start on the OL probably cost him a chance to score a TD or be on the field for a TD. He took care of the ball and the hogs got a FG.
I wish they would have let him throw a little earlier but it worked out fine.
Man he is quick.

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In a big game with extreme pressure on him, he performed well. Having KJ providing encouragement and tutelage he will continue to grow and mature and strike fear and dread in opposing defenses. He reminds me of lightening in the atmosphere leaving that uneasy wondering just when and where it will strike. In a nanosecond he can burn you.

I loved his play. What I saw about his passing was that he didn’t check down well. He just took off as soon as his primary or secondary receiver was covered. Luckily, his takeoff means a lot. On that final drive inside the 5, there should have been a late hit out-of-bounds penalty against A&M that would have given us the ball at the 1 with a first down. Regardless, glad they put points on the board on that drive and put the game into a 2 score situation. I was a bit nervous before that given our history of games against A&M.


I was impressed with Hornsby; A&M started to get it going; things could have imploded - but didn’t. Now, he just needs reps. I suspect he’ll get some at UGA as KJ is already banged up.

There is now absolutely no question who the best QB for this team currently is at this time. KJ Jefferson. I think with Hornsby’s speed and a bit more seasoning he will do well, but he does not exude the confidence like Jefferson and the team feeds off that. I think thats why you saw the offense suddenly get a rash of penalties, bad snaps, and poor execution. Hornsby was a bit nervous and that trickled down to the rest of the offense and mistakes began and it just kept building on itself.

I have no doubt Hornsby will get more comfortable, but I hope and pray its from getting garbage time in games where we have a big lead and not in crunch time. I hope KJ stays healthy, but I’m worried with a running QB that rarely seems to be the case through a long hard SEC season.

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Mostly, he did fine. The pass on the goal line across his body should not have been thrown. Dangerous pass. Throw it away. He’ll learn.


I feel like they let the collie fondlers get away with a lot of late stuff, saw them push our guys after the play was over several times, and a couple of late hits out of bounds that should have been called too.

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It was most definitely a late hit out of bounds. We would have mad it 24-10.


Collie fondlers. I love it.

Reminds me of a statement I heard decades ago:

College Station, Texas. Where men are men and sheep are nervous!


Jeff, you may to steal that “collie fondiers” moniker……


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Too much?

It was a dangerous throw but when I watched the replay it hit Kern right in the hands and should have been a TD but you’re right you don’t risk that throw only up 7pts

Scared the dickens out of me and it should have been caught for a TD that would have taken all the energy out of A&M. But, like you say, it should never have been thrown since we were nursing a one score game. It could have completely changed the momentum and the outcome of the game. I think that throw weighed heavily in Jefferson returning to the game.

He’s got a long ways to go.

I hope those who were trying to bench KJ for him see the deal now.


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