On getting Jonathan Nance more involved again

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It’s difficult to look for open receivers when you as the QB are running for your life. There’s no such thing as a pocket to pass out of. I’d say with confidence Cole Kelly would be proud to hit Nance with a pass or any other receiver.
With Ragnow out it may get worse. That’s my concern. We may get to see Merrick play on the O line before it’s all said and done.

Where is the weekly TJ Hammonds will get more touches this week…?

Not sure the pocket problem can get worse,we’re pretty much at the bottom. The only way to get more time in the pocket is to miraculously fix the run game. At this point you try every crazy or unorthodox idea you can come up with to run the ball,we are not going to see the defenses that are as potent as we have already seen.Put whoever you think is the best run blockers on the line and let’s grind this thing out and give our defense some rest, the only thing left to lose is jobs which should be incentive enough to try. WPS

You have that right. They haven’t done a freak good job run blocking either.
Wallace and Jackson will play now.
The Dutchmen may have to be the leader now. Rogers did decent at center now he’s back there again. Maybe Gibson will get fired up but he’s been hurt for the last 2 weeks playing any way.
Whom ever they decide to play they need to stay put and get them to play together. It’s been years since we’ve had a line so overwhelmed.

Last time we had this type of OL issues was '97 (yes, the team that got Danny Ford fired). Could not run the ball at all, Clint Stoerner spent the year running for his life. If he got time to throw he had good receivers, but hard to complete a pass on your back.

Agree 100% with your assessment, our QB’s has got to learn to either tuck it and run or throw it away if no ones open this is a no brainer that our QB’s get a failing grade if you ask me and if we keep doing what we’re doing more of our QB’s will get hurt. C’mon run our throw it away, what would you rather have 2nd and 10 or 2nd 20 and a Qb with a grass stained uniform this is not rocket science it’s pocket awareness!! WPS

Swine I remember Clint being hammered play after play. It wasn’t fun to watch then and it’s no fun to watch now!
Clint did get plenty of exercise running around trying to get a pass off The rules have changed to protect QB’s a lot of the hit he took that year would have drawn flags and would have resulted in first downs.

Well, I can think of a few more people to get the ball to also…Actually, Nance is about at least 4th on the list…