On exit velocity

I was just sitting here reading on my couch, largely ignoring MLB Network on TV. I heard a loud crack and glanced up to see a rocket by Yordan Alvarez of the Astros sail into the right field stands at Yankee Stadium. Exit velo on that one was 113 mph. It probably never got 20 feet off the ground, landed 8-10 rows deep, and it left so fast the right fielder barely had time to move.

And he’s swinging wood, too.

I think Slavens got 109 mph on that bomb in Omaha yesterday. Which is crushing it. But 113? Supposedly Giancarlo Stanton hit one out at Texas in 2018 that left the bat at 121.7, and has hit a ground ball even harder, 123.9.

Do you remember what the exit velo was on Cayden Wallace’s home runs? The guys on SEC Now last night said he had some of the fastest velocity, but I don’t remember what his numbers were.

One thing to note, not everything is created equal. Bats are not equal. Balls are not equal. An old coach told me once that a pro ball player knows when he’s got a special bat and I’m not talking about cork. And there are some baseballs that just go. Call them juiced. Whatever. But when all of that lines up, the thing rockets. It’s incredible to watch when it happens. Same thing with golf.

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The wood the Major Leaguers get to swing especially the great ones might as well be aluminum. They are getting incredibly high caliber wood and why you can hear that crack so distinctly coming off those kind of bats.

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Wallace had 2 at about 112 exit velocity!!

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Don’t know about his exit velo but Slavens HR to centerfield yesterday has to be one of the longest hit in that park.

They said it was 436 ft it is the longest ever hit there in that park.

So true in golf…the pro’s play with a completely different equipment standard.

Don’t think that’s right. I think it’s the longest in CWS history at the park but a kid from Creighton hit one longer at that park during a regular season game.

The longest hit during a CWS game.

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Could have sworn they said longest in that ballpark but I could have misunderstood .

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