On Devo's play vs. Tennessee, and coming up big in big games


Good read. We IMO have moved up to that upper level of ranked Arkansas BB teams.

Not sure of our final ranking, but not being a hot shooting team we are a tough out.

We have all sorts of potential, with Robinson and Robinson - just hasn’t worked out yet. Point is, we could be better.

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IMO, Devo has become a very important part of this team. Especially with JD seemingly becoming more foul prone lately. It seems to me Devo has learned to accept the role Muss wants from him and the role that is important to this team. He is playing within himself and letting the game come to him. Devo’s role as a sixth man is as important to this team as it was for JD with the team last season.

We need Devo playing like he did yesterday if we are to continue this SEC run and get another nice run in the NCAA Tourney. Play very good, consistent defensive and make timely open baskets.

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He was trying too much Pete Maravich for a while, and going full tilt boogie at the same time. Perhaps, last year was too easy when he was covered a bit by Moody. But, he saved our bacon, yesterday. Hopefully a very good sign.

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