On Devo Davis and the role his confidence can play

I really like his energy. Most of my issue with him isn’t really his fault—it’s all the hype for an 8 PPG low 20% 3pt shooter.

I think for them to be good he needs to be a factor. The way JD plays and the way today’s game is called, he is gonna be in foul trouble a lot.

And if not, he still needs rest.

Lykes’ shooting issues have really hampered them. They expected him to provide shot-making and he hasn’t done that.

So, they need Devo to play his game and give them 6-10 transition/broken play/mid-range points.

He can do that. Where he runs into trouble is when he starts throwing up wild shots and passes. I think he will play better down the stretch. He has started to show signals

Sorry to embarrass you.

I don’t think this loss had anything at all to do with Tuesday’s win. I didn’t expect a letdown and don’t consider this loss as Arkansas living in the past. This is not a very good shooting team. We’ve seen it all throughout the year. They didn’t shoot well on the road or finish at the rim (9 of 25). Needed one defensive stop. The shots Alabama hit to win it came against a guy who had held his matchup to 16 of 63 inside the arc the last 9 games. This team is tough, and that’s why it put itself in position to win despite shooting 31%.


No reason to apologize—you didn’t embarrass me (yes I know it was sarcasm).

And, I understand that a lot of fans and media got caught up in the hype, but comparing Moncrief and Devo—even if you’re saying you are comparing “attributes” is just off base.

Moncrief—in an era that had no 3 pt line—averaged almost twice as many PPG as Devo as a sophomore and did so while shooting 65%. Devo is shooting 43%. Moncrief was the UA ‘s career leading scorer.

In an era without a shot clock, Moncrief averaged 8.4 RPG. Devo averages 4.3 with a 30-second shot clock.

Moncrief was a 2-time All-American and one of the best defensive players in college and NBA history. He is a college and Naismith Hall of Famer. He gave MJ fits.
Davis isn’t the best defender on his team.

Again, this is not meant to bash Davis. He’s a good player and he has already done some big things.

But, comparing him to Moncrief isn’t fair to either him or Sidney.

Moncrief was the best player in program history. Devo is a sometimes electric, poor shooting, 8 and 4 guy on an Elite 8 and a Sweet 16-caliber team.

Nah, I said before the season that he was getting overhyped. Never fell for the “this is Devo’s team” blather or the current “we need Devo to do well” stuff (anymore than anyone else).

I think Devo is a great a “loose ball getter”, great defensive effort, fast break, energy, hustle, opportunistic scorer guy who plays a role within the flow of the game. Once he’s counted on to be a primary scorer, facilitator, leader, etc. we are in trouble and it’s not fair to him or the team.

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Moncrief was my all-time favorite hog I don’t think I’ll ever see another player do the things he did. He did everything well, was a beast on defense. I remember Jordan saying he never looked forward to having to go against Sid,knew it was going to be a game where he had to work for every single point.

Magic pretty much said the same.

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I rewatched that play several times, watch the ball from the angle (camera looked like it was coming from the AR end) of the second shot of it. It looked like Devo through the ball back towards the baseline and it never touched the Bama player. The angle from Bama’s side, it looks like it did, but wasn’t conclusive (same with the end of the game and the awarding the ball to Alabama, it looked like the Bama freshman touched it last, but you couldn’t tell for sure).

Toney, Wade, Davis, Lykes & KJ were a combined 5-33 yesterday. That’s bad. Davis needs to play much better and more consistent. But these other guys need to be better too. I think Muss can bring them along but we are starting to run out of time.

Good post (as usual), Notorius.

However, my comparison (as well as those of a lot of others) were comparing Devo when he was a freshman with Sidney AS A FRESHMAN. Sidney was a great freshman, but he wasn’t quite ready for the Bucks at that time.

There was an article about a year ago when people a lot more versed in Hoops than me were comparing the two AS FRESHMEN. I think it was Pat Foster (who coached Sidney and is a regular at BWA now days) who compared the two saying….Sidney was a better scorer but Devo is a better ball handler.

Yes. There was. I was shocked by it. And they have forgotten ten times more basketball than I’ve ever known. I just did not believe the shooting would project to the kind of gains Moncrief has made.

It’s really hard to completely overhaul a jumper at that age/level. Devo has actually made a lot of improvement. He just really has to focus on his shot selection and try to stick with on balance mid-range and wide open, inside out 3s (where he is getting the ball kicked opposite to him and/or from the post.

He is not someone who needs to take a lot of shots outside of 15-16 feet.

If the reason for the reversal is the ball never touched a Bama player, I can live with that. I watched the feet closely and they were off the ground when the ball left his hands. Just assumed the ball hit a Bama player. So that explains the reversal. Thanks.

On the Devo play was there Enough evidence to reverse the original call on the floor?

There were two different calls, one said Bama ball, the other said AR ball, that’s why they reviewed

As long as Devon’s feet stayed in bounds on that play the ball should have belonged to the hogs!
That game wasn’t lost in the first half it was gifted away in the first half!
You can’t miss layups and dunks and win. In none of the dunk attempts did any of our players put the ball on the backboard and at least attempt to get a goal tending called.
There were plenty of fouls Bama got by with on those blocks they had on shots around the rim!

Hard to imagine 1 player get blocked 3 consecutive times under the rim (without a foul) when surrounded by 3 opposing players. None of 3 were in front of him.

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