On Desi Sills packing a punch off the bench

“He comes off the bench and he’s killing it now,” Mason Jones said of Sills.

Included, too, is an example from Wednesday of his growth as a second-year guy:

Desi started off 0-17 from deep. Since then he’s 22 for 47 (.468).

When Desi is spotted up and get a good pass he’s pretty deadly form 3!
Man he has made some big shots lately!

Did he only miss one against tenn? Haven’t looked at stats just guessing my 40 yr ole memory.

3 of 5 from deep, 5 of 9 overall.

Ok missed 2 from deep.

Yeah if he shoots 60% from deep every night that’s acceptable :wink:

Yep, if feet set, he is money

He is doing the same thing he did last year… he has been money from the 3 the last several games… just at the right time hopefully can continue it

We need Desi to stay hot! Also stay out of foul trouble.

He is packing the perfect punch coming off the bench fresh. He knows that and comes into the game with confidence and a chip in shoulder. Just keep it Rollin that way.

He also know he will play over 30 minutes as long as he stays out of foul trouble. That’s one thing that helps by him coming off the bench.

Ditto Army

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