On Davonte Davis making more magic in March

Davonte Davis is tremendous picking up 50-50 balls. He thrives on making home-run plays. He did both in a flash to cap Arkansas’ decisive run Saturday vs. New Mexico State.

More on Davis, who in March makes magic and the extraordinary look effortless:


Great read, Devo is a tooth on the gear that keeps the Hogs grinding up opponents. WPS

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I have to admit, when I saw Devo make that pass to Toney, I screamed, “Nooooo!!”

A dangerous pass between two defenders streaking down the court, but it was placed perfectly and Toney finished it off emphatically. In an otherwise ugly game of offense, it was the most beautiful play of the day.

I thought for sure it was going to be a turnover but was glad to be wrong.

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He shoots better with the headband on. Wish he would wear it all the time.

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Love his passion for the game… he will only get better as he continues to work on his game.

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Devo is the Energizer Bunny on our team. He will emphatically work long and hard to get better, it’s in his DNA.

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He has a great competitive spirit, but he also lost his man at the end of the first half and turned a 13 pt. lead into a 9 pt. lead.

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