On Daniel Gafford stepping into Kingsley's shoes

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Good piece Jimmy. Raw or not, the kid is a glass eater. I think he will rebound better than Moses immediately. I’m really excited about having a guy who will go get the basketball and end opponents possessions.

Moses was pretty good at getting contested rebounds, but I agree that Daniel has a chance to be better. Bigger, better athlete and has a nose for the ball.

I’d assume they have him do some of the same switching stuff Moses did. In time, he should be able to handle that better and hopefully gamble less. And they’ll have more size on the other end of the switches, so there won’t be as much of a need for overhelping on ostensible mismatches.

He’s willing/expects to come off the bench, which wouldn’t surprise me if it happens at least early. It’ll be very interesting to see how playing time is divvied up.

He may be a little raw but I can’t put a kid in the weight room to go from 6’6" to 6’11"
He will make some early mistakes but he will play with effort and leave it all on the floor that’s all anyone can expect.
It will be odd without Moses being on the floor.
I hope Gafford has a good year!

I hope he is as tough and mean as Moses. Moses was fearless.