On Connor Noland's two-sport future

I spoke with Wes Johnson this afternoon to get his take on Noland. This was the first day Razorback baseball coaches could comment on him publicly.

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So I guess he won’t report for baseball until after the Spring game? As I recall, John Elway played some baseball while quarterbacking Stanford. Shame Us Winston pitched and QB’d at FSU. It can be done. Exited to see what this young man can do.

Like I wrote in the story, the logistics have not been put in place, but I would be surprised if he is not playing full baseball seasons.

What are Noland’s MLB draft prospects?

I don’t think he is going to be drafted high enough to be a risk next summer. I think he wants to go to college, which means he will have a high asking price. If his fastball jumps to 95 this spring then I might rethink my position on that, but right now I don’t see him being drafted high.

He is a RHP that works 88-90. Those guys don’t go at the top of the draft. His football schedule has also made it difficult for him to attend some of the highly scouted events in the fall.

From what I know, I don’t think he would be offered enough money where he would be drafted to cause him to miss his college experience. It does only take one team to change that though.

I guess he brings the kind of excitement that Barry Lunney Jr. did years ago. I actually watched Lunney Jr. play sports in high school. In addition to football and baseball, he was a great high school basketball player. My opinion is that it very difficult to excel at two sports in college. Lunney was a really good quarterback. He was hampered by a less than great supporting cast and a not so great coach in Ford but I thought he was really good. However, in baseball he wasn’t so great. It’s tough to jump from football to baseball during a season. He came in touted as a great pitcher but he ended up with an ERA around 8.00. However, I really like the prospects of Connor Noland. I’m really glad we got him.

I’m very high on him I think he is our QB for the future. very good feet and very strong accurate arm.I think he will be great in this offense.

Rick Jones says he is ultra competitive. Compares his feet and elusiveness to the great Fran Tarkenton. Most here won’t recall Fran. But he was a mad scrambler with an accurate arm, one of the all-time greats.

I do not believe the family will jump at money. Connor wants to be a Razorback. Always has.

I’ll be stunned if does anything other than live out his two-sport dream of being a Razorback.

I listen when Rick Jones talks about potential of one of his players to be difference maker at Arkansas. He’s been right 100 percent of time. He speaks highly of Connor in all respects.

It’s going to be fun watching Connor Noland compete.

It seems unlikely that someone (anyone) who presumably wants to start at quarterback at a P5 football program could do so while missing spring practice. It also seems unlikely that someone could be more than an end-of-the-bench bullpen pitcher on an even higher P5 baseball program while missing both summer baseball and fall baseball. I remember Lunney doing that back in the early to mid-90s and Danny Ford not liking it one bit (I think his predecessor agreed to the arrangement).