On Cody Scroggins' 'personal' start vs. Louisiana Tech

Scroggins tore his UCL and required Tommy John the last time he pitched against Louisiana Tech. I spoke to him about getting another shot at the Bulldogs, this time in the starting rotation: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … -personal/

I really want to see Cody Scroggins have a good year! He’s a great young man and has dealt with his fair share of injuries and set backs. KevinKopps has had the same adversity to deal with. I enjoy seeing people overcome injuries and difficulties in life.

This will be a great opportunity for scroggins.LT can swing the bat with anybody they are super aggressive and his breaking ball better be on point or could be a long day. I like him better out of the bullpen personally I think wicklander provides a better Sunday option because he’s left-handed. Let’s just hope we can come out with the bats today and provide some stress relief where he can just throw his game.

I like Wicklander as a starter too! I don’t think Ramage got loose before he got called in yeasterday!

Welcome to me Ramage just kept throwing his breaking ball he gets into a bad habit of that you let a good hitting team see the same picth over and over and they’re going to mash it before long. Have to throw the fastball in on their hands to get them off the plate.

If Cronin hadn’t blown the save in game 2 against Oregon State, Ramage would have gotten the win in the national championship clincher. He can pitch just fine. Tech is not a bad team, picked to win C-USA over Southern Miss and others.

Never said he couldn’t pitch fine just said you keep giving the batter the same picth every time eventually they’re going to hit it it’s a good hitting team like Louisiana tech is. Cronin sometimes does that in the better teams will eventually hit it