On Chavis

I really like this hire; proven SEC experience. Has worked with several SEC HCs. Has experienced the changes that are taking place in the SEC. Mostly, I feel that his experience will enable the more important changes to occur more quickly on the offensive side of the ball.

He has tremendous experience and lots of success, just had a few years working with spread offense already.

with our young head coach and O staff, he could really be helpful to the other folks

I see lots of people mentioning that he’s not a “good recruiter”, but RDs article about our current recruites sounds like a great recruiter. And how many NFL players has he evaluated, recruited, coached??!?

I’m ready for football season!


I am more than fired up that Gooden is interested after hiring Chavis. Gooden is the 4 star JC DT that we so badly need.

This is the best defensive coordinator hire since Monte Kiffin. It has been a long time since we had a rock solid defense…It will take him a bit. The cupboard is bare on defensive talent. There might be a cup or a saucer, but not much else.

Just the name Chavis will get Ark. into many recruits homes that otherwise would not consider us.

A lot of people have said he is to old. I don’t buy that at all. We need some coaches on the defensive side that is used to the S.E.C. ,he has that …

Amen brutha! Chavis is going to open some doors of recruits that we don’t normally get

I have no idea if he will turn it around, but I don’t understand those who are negative on the hire before they see his unit play a down. Give the man a chance.

Not sure what the Chavis name means to recruits other than what we read from the guys we have committed. But I do think if he gives us his best and we give him time that this might be the best hire we could hope for. Not that impressed with his latest work but if you look at the body of work as a whole he’s done well in his career. I wish him well and a long sucessful tenure as the DC of our beloved Razorbacks, welcome aboard Mr Chavis! WPS

I like the idea of an older, seasoned coach on staff.