On Charlie Welch's towering 3-run homer in the 8th

Arkansas director of video and scouting Zach Barr shouted at Charlie Welch moments after Welch took a seat in the dugout in the 8th inning Monday.

“That’s who you are!" Barr said.

On Welch’s towering 3-run homer, the cherry on top of a regional title:


Credit to DVH for giving Charlie the green light to swing. Another great move by our skipper…


My only perverted thought, I wish the passed ball never happened and Charlie would have hit a grand slam.


Love that! Sent chills down my spine!

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I could have that on repeat all day and not tire of it.

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I’m proud the passed ball took place. That took some pressure off and Welch got his pitch to drive.

Plus the passed ball caused him to groove a pitch right over the plate.

Technically it wasn’t a passed ball, it was a wild pitch

But same result

Was the Nebraska pitcher tipping his hat to Welch as he turned away in the video? Probably not, but the timing of the cap adjustment looks like it could have been that.

I think the pitcher was hoping that he had a Harry Potter hat on so he could disappear. :joy::joy::joy:

That wild pitch caused the pitcher to groove the next pitch. POW!

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Watching the video again for the 74th time (which may be an underestimate), I love the reaction of Moore and Opitz on the bases as soon as Charlie made contact. They’re both raising their arms in celebration as the ball soars.

One more completely irrelevant note: Since the walkoff against the Wallets, Charlie got that caterpillar off his upper lip. Good move. :+1:

Goodheart to coming out of the dugout.

THAT my fellow Razorback fans, was suh-weeet!!!

So was Nate Thompson.

I also a dugout view of it and Wernes was running toward home plate immediately, knew it was gone!!

I can’t remember which game it was, maybe the tying home run by Big Hit Bob in the SEC clincher against Florida, but as the ball sailed over the fence, Bobby Wernes threw a serious punch in celebration in the 1B coaching box. I’m glad I wasn’t in the path of that punch.

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