On Caleb Bolden's recovery

I spoke to Caleb Bolden, Dave Van Horn and Matt Hobbs about Bolden’s recovery from Tommy John surgery.

Great Article. Thx Matt

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It just awesome for Bolden to take the mound again! I really hope he avoids any seat backs.

It would be great if the pitching staff ends up being as deep as it looks, That would allow DVH to bring Caleb along slowly so that by tournament time he could be a 3rd/4th starter that is needed then or a middle reliever than can eat innings if needed…

I think DVH will handle Bolden like he did Knopps and Campbell. Bolden showed some good stuff prior to the injury and hopefully he can get back to that again.
Depth especially on a pitching staff helps you take care of the arms!

The goal is to have Bolden ready to throw 3 innings in May, not so much in February. When you talk to Kopps, he said he could throw about 30-40 pitches when the season started, but was exhausted. He’s capable of 80 pitches now. That’s just the nature of the comeback from TJ surgery.

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