On Bret Bielema...

All things considered for this guy, he is solid. He runs a clean drama free program. Recruits very well, about as good as one could do. He’s consistent. His play style is very balanced. No gimmicks, just line up and play. Run, throw, defend and kick. His kids go to class and seem very respectable in interviews. He puts several in the draft.

My opinion on this guy…I cannot see a better coach for our program at this point than Brett. We will consistently go bowling, and we will probably sneak up on a Sugar Bowl at some point.

He seems to be a great ambassador for our state and program. Media likes him and his fan approval rate seems to be pretty high. he will win more and he will lose some. He’ll make mistakes that may cost games. He will win games he shouldn’t.

I’m very happy and content with this guy. I’m rooting for him to get himself to another level here. If he doesn’t I still approve.

I’m not settling. They guy will break us through one season and be on the cusp most. I think this is a realistic program expectation.

Welcome any thoughts.

I am Hog Fan. However, I will not drink the Kool Aid. We need to fix recruiting. To me the 3/4 scheme may help a little. I remember Missouri, VA Tech and still have a horrible taste in my mouth for how Auburn treated us like a guarantee win. Were all Hog fans embarrassed? I was. We will know more after TCU and A and M. Hopefully we get 6 wins. 7 wins would make BB Coach of the Year. Fix the recruiting. First things first. Where is the dominant down lineman I thought we were going to have with BB?? We must be able to run the ball. Austin will hit enough passes to make defenses honest. If the run is decent, maybe we can keep Austin healthy this season.
Welcome comments and rooting for BB and my Hogs.

I don’t think we’ve had a blue chip OL since Pitman left, that’s something that has been odd to me. Maybe Heinrich was one, but he hasn’t done anything past the 3rd string. Figure CBB would always pull dominant OL, would like to see that start up again.

Other than that I just need to see a little less talk and a lot more action.

The QB recruiting is the best its ever been. We never consistently got highly rated QBs every year before BB got here. The RB recruiting is fine. The WR recruiting and TE recruiting are very, very good, we’ve got lots of young talent at both positions. CB recruiting is solid, approaching a very good level. We seem to be bringing in one or two good CBs every year of late.

The OL recruiting appears to be back on the upswing, with Anderson in his second year. You can’t judge OL until third year in the program. Heinrich is a RS freshman, so dismissing him now as unproductive is way pre-mature. There are also some guys entering their third year in the program who are showing signs of being very solid.

DL recruiting has brought in some good players, but not enough. They seem to have brought in several DE/OLB guys who have the measurable to run and SEC 3-4, down the line, though it may be the second year running the system before you start to see those guys really come on. My hunch is that the change in scheme will make the DL recruiting the last couple of years look better.

They do have three problem areas, two of which they have not gotten really come close to fixing. First, the true LBs. I am slightly encouraged that they have finally moved in the right direction here based on some of the early reports on the young guys, but it is still a big worry.

An area that is still needs work is safety. It appears we don’t have any depth again this year, and the veterans in some cases have been inconsistent and in others just not very good. The help wanted sign is still out here.

Lastly, the punters and kickers, in particular kickers. Not being able to find a guy who can consistently kickoff into the end zone is not acceptable for an SEC team. The field goal kicking has been unreliable for years, and now we have doubts at punter. I have some slight hope all this will get worked out in the next few weeks, based upon the scrimmage yesterday, but going into fall camp with this much uncertainty is not good.

I agree with hogbone 100%.

I agree with hogbone, too. Neither do I think it’s “drinking the koolaid” to think he’s the right coach for our program. I think we have a better chance at a breakthrough with him than I do if we change coaches. The idea that we should change coaches every 5-6 years if we don’t win an SEC title or some other goal we’d all like to meet isn’t the way to get there. Yeah, it’s possible we fall into the next Saban, but I’m not sure even Saban would be so successful if he weren’t at some place like Bama (or LSU). Spurrier was brilliant at Fla. Not so brilliant at SC.

You are right, not sure why I was think Heinrich was a red shirt sophomore.

I am pleased with several aspects of recruiting, QBs, TEs, WRs.

I do think DL, and LB need to be more of a focus in 19, I’m sure they will. It’s the past two classes 17 and 18 that haven’t had a blue chip OL, not sure how any of them will turn out, you can’t ever tell. But I know both classes they chased blue chips and didn’t get them, I’m sure if the OL has a good year that will change for the 19 class.

But, I’m still in the boat of CBB has Yet to prove himself to me as a competitive SEC coach. I need Bama and Aubrn to fear playing us. As a person? Sure I like the guy, he runs a clean program and is very likable. But I like wins more than anything, hopefully he gets that soon. This year is a good year to do it, we will be breaking in a new QB next year and have some very major losses from upper classman.

If he remains committed, Independence DL Emmit Gooden (6-4, 320) - who had offers from Alabama, Oklahoma and numerous other elite schools - should be that guy.

I also expect Jackson, Watts, Capps and T.J. Smith to take steps toward that this season.

If you are speaking of OL, obviously Ragnow being among the natiion’s best centers comes into play. But it is time for Brian Wallace, Johnny Gibson, Hjalte Froholdt and others to make their move.

If he remains committed, Independence DL Emmit Gooden (6-4, 320) - who had offers from Alabama, Oklahoma and numerous other elite schools - should be that guy.

I also expect Jackson, Watts, Capps and T.J. Smith to take steps toward that this season.

If you are speaking of OL, obviously Ragnow being among the natiion’s best centers comes into play. But it is time for Brian Wallace, Johnny Gibson, Hjalte Froholdt and others to make their move.

CBB seems like a swell guy. He hasn’t won enough for my taste. Hope that changes this year.

I like the guy and hope it all works out for him. Those last two games really shook me as did Auburn. That just plain should not happen. No excuse will work on those.

I also would like to know why our defense got so slow the past two years. Was it not understanding the importance of speed in the SEC (or any football). Surely not. Perhaps they just missed on the recruits they wanted. I understand that is being corrected somewhat, but recruiting is still not close to where it need to be.

I love the clean program and good guys. That means a lot to me.

BB is a soild football guy and seems to be a solid man. He has won. He needs to do it again. Can or will he? I am in his corner to see.

Here is the thing. He came here regarded as a very, very good coach. If he can’t get it done here, then it is going to be very difficult to get another coach to leave a good program to come here. It will be Assistants or up and commers. Not all bad, but not good either.

I am a Coach “B” fan and I like the way he runs the program. I’m old school and I prefer the days when coaches stayed at a school for long periods of time-usually until retirement. I think turnover in head coaches is one of football’s biggest new flaws. I hope we have coach “B” for a long time. I like the recruiting that this staff has done, but I am concerned that Special Teams has never been a priority. It seems like a portion of the game that we don’t really care about and just want to get through it. When we go into kickoff or punt return formation I am expecting nothing. I am just hoping we don’t get hurt. I can remember watching teams who prided themselves in Special Teams and it was exciting! Why can’t we develop a punt or kickoff return specialist? And, I have no idea what to expect from place kicker and punter. Yesterday, our kickers were pretty good from less than 35 yards out. That’s an extra point in the NFL! Our punter dropped a snap. So, I worry about Special Teams the most.

And the answer is:
Hogbone is correct.

Nice post Hogbone. The odds of finding a better coach than CBB is like gambling in Vegas. They didn’t build that city on winners. But in today’s world patience is lacking from fans and administrators. It’s all about filling the seats and counting the cash. And I have to admit that he’s paid handsomely to win. Hope we have a really good year and his spot stays secure. He’s my favorite coach since Ken Hatfield.

I believe it is best to stay the course with CBB. He may not have won as much as any of us would have liked to this point, but he’s not brought any reproach on the program. In fact, he’s a great ambassador for the program. He may bloviate some, but most of it is humorous and well-intentioned.

I agree with much that has been said about recruiting. The defensive line is getting better and the 3-4 should make it easier to have better linemen. Safety recruiting is getting better but could be better. But most of all, I agree about the special teams. Hope the additional coach will help with this, but they may have problems in the meantime. Punting has been good, but not sure what to expect from Blake. Place-kicking and returners have been awful, though I would rather the returners–punt and kickoff–be able to hang onto the football than to cough it up trying to get an extra four or five yards.

Coach B is 10-22 in the SEC

This is not an acceptable winning percentage - not even close. Take out the first season and he’s still a below .500 coach. Again, not acceptable. Couple this with complete and utter embarrassments like we saw last season st Columbia, Auburn, and in the bowl game and you have a coach that would be in the hottest of hot seats if he coached at one of the SEC “big six” programs that expects to win or even at a program we traditionally are better than in Texas A&M. Would he be on the hotseat at Vanderbilt? No!!

To see so many fans settle for this level of production because our coach is a “good guy” is disappointing. It tells me that too many of our fans have either given up on being an annual contender in the SEC West or never expected it to begin with.

I really like coach B for all reasons mentioned.

We have to give a coach more time at Arkansas to overcome rcruiting disadvantages

Coach B has to win eventually though.

Losses last year they way we did to Auburn for instance were just embarrassing.

I’m rooting for coach B like crazy.

Jackson, I think people always think the grass is greener when it comes to coaching. Is there a coach other than Saban in the SEC you think could do a better job here, or rather could have more success at Arkansas than B has at this point?

I won’t speak for Jackson, but I can think of a few examples. The last two coaches that were not interim had more success at UA than Coach B.

And I was in favor of letting HDN go, but just stating facts.

There’s no question BP is a great.coach. It’s simply a question of “at what price?” Co paring him to HDN? The circumstances they inherited were vastly different. HDN came into a program that had enjoyed recent recruiting success. His first 2 yeas were very supeior to CBB’s, but I’m not sure he was a better coach. He also had the advantage of playing in an SECW that wasn’t as strong as it is now. If we’re comparing their coaching resume’s vs their coaching records here, CBB’s is better.

Even if we omit Saban & Petrino, are there better coaches out there than CBB? Probably. Who are they & will they come here? Well, that’s the question. Meanwhile, I’m quite confident there are a whole lot of coaches who aren’t nearly as good. Now we can be ike TN who knew Fulmer’s replacement would be better, or Ole Miss, who knew the same about Cutcliffe, but I’d still rather stick with CBB & give him a real shot at moving the progam up. Jackson Reid’s proclamation that being average in the SEC just isn’t acceptable notwithstanding, I don’t seriously believe we have as many advantages as Alabama, LSU, Fla, UGA or even A&M or Auburn. Those schools are paying top money to coaches & offering scholarships, too.