On Brady Slavens

Here is a good read from Clay about the Razorbacks’ newest signee, Brady Slavens, who was the national junior college player of the year.

Enjoyed talking to Brady. He will be a fit at Arkansas. He knows several players and he is a good influence in the locker room. He is a strong Christian influence. I’m told he is a Zack Cox/James McCann type as far as character.


Really looking forward to seeing if he can take that great season and continue in the toughest league in the country… we really need him to be very good.

What if the top recruits make it to campus? These aren’t your typical recruits. Do we really need all these transfers? Might turn off the recruits that are needed for 3 years.

You bring in all the talent you can. The top 2 rated (according to Perfect Game) recruits from the 2019 class did not make it past the fall. One was a PG All American. Not everyone pans out. Those incoming freshmen have a great opportunity. Let’s hope they see it that way.

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DVH does a good job of finding high character athletes. If they don’t fit into that category, they don’t last long at Arkansas.

They will give them all a look and then set the roster for the fall. Not all of them will make the roster. And, even an extremely talented freshman may need a season to mature. Obviously, Brady Slavens didn’t hit the ground running at Wichita State.

2019 was a weak HS class across the country. The 2020 class of HS players nationwide is considered the deepest in 10 years. Very different level of players in 2020 class and that is why some will go JUCO to enter 2021 draft. It is just a matter of numbers and development because HS seniors lost out on an entire season already.

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