On Bo Mattingly's final day on the radio

Many of you know Bo is hosting his final show on Thursday. I spoke to him about why he is giving up the show and his future plans: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … day-radio/

Any updates on a replacement?

I think some of the stations are still working on plans. I have assumed it would be Ruscin on some of the stations, but that has not been released by anyone who would be in a position to make that call. I don’t plan to be doing live afternoon radio going forward. No one has asked me, but I wouldn’t do it. I think I will be on Bo’s podcast at times. I think Dudley is still going to be on afternoon radio. He’s been on Grant Hall’s show for quite some time and will also help Eric Sullivan with his show on The Buzz.

Very good. Thanks

I moved to Fayetteville from Little Rock about 10 months ago and have listened to Bo’s show, but quite frankly I have enjoyed Grant Hall’s show more than Bo. He is an easy listen and knows his stuff.

What tiime and station is grant Hall’s radio show on?? Thanks in advance…

Noon to 2pm on 99.5 FM.

I enjoy it too.

I like it too but can’t figure out why he and Vernon always have two different conversations and interrupt one another. It’s like listening to two shows at the same time. I guess that’s how they turn a 4 hour show into a 2.

Well, this Twitter account started following me a couple days ago. I know there’s at least one show tease airing now.


Ruscin. Mercy.

Indeed. Turrible.

This is not meant as a slight to anyone else in sports radio, but I feel like our state lost something significant with Bo going off the air. Whether you agree or disagreed with his opinion, most people listened. That is because the show was well informed and had good guest commentary. It was quite an operation with several people involved in the show’s production each day. I just don’t think other shows put in the same type of preparation, and preparation is the key to good radio. You can tell who is prepared and who wings it. Bo and his staff were prepared and put out a great product as a result.

Matt, I agree with your post. Bo’s show was clearly the most professionally done with excellent guests. We will miss the show. Bo was not real likeable, and I think he had grown tired of doing the show. His patience had worn thin, and he appeared to be tired of doing the same show, day after day, talking about the same subject, Razorback sports. That is just what I heard in his voice as I listened the past year or so. I had grown tired of his show as I suspect other listeners have. It was probably time for him to quit. That is not an easy job…to discuss one major topic for 3-4 hours a day for 5 days a week. Brutal.

The only sports shows I listened to regularly were Drive Time Sports, Bo’s show and now I occasionally listen to Grant Hall. After Bo came on in Little Rock, I quit listening to DTS. Bo’s show really made DTS look bad due to the poor preparation and production and guests on DTS.

Is Drive Time Sports even available to listen to in Fayetteville? Since Bo is gone…I might want to listen some.

The Zone with Justin Acri and Wess Moore show on 103.7 The Buzz is on in Northwest Arkansas on 1590 AM from 10 am. to 1 p.m.

So is The Buzz’ Out of Bounds with Eric Sullivan and Joe Franklin. It’s the show I will be on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

It airs from 1-4

No doubt. I’ve said it before that sports radio is really hard in this state because the callers only want to talk one subject. I think segments on the Cowboys, Chiefs, Saints, Cardinals, Royals, Rangers, Thunder, SEC, Big 12, etc., would go over well in Northwest Arkansas because of the proximity to those teams and transient nature of the population, and it might broaden the listenership. When my wife worked in Bentonville, I heard from a lot of people who said they wouldn’t listen to local sports radio because of all the Razorback talk. They longed for more diversity like they had in Dallas or Houston or Denver.

I suppose you could have those other segments and not take calls, but that would take a lot of preparation each day. Every call taken is time not needed to prepare.

Prep on that many pro teams would be tough on the host or the producer. Bart kept up with NBA but I don’t know if there is a way to do that much Chiefs and Cowboys for the specific fans. I think more fans are interested in SEC sports than pro. I could be wrong. I get tired of Cowboys very quickly but Matt and Dudley love them.

I listened to Bo’s show via podcast because my father “Snake” called in from time to time and I didn’t want to miss his calls. I also listen to a couple of podcasts that take a broader look at CFB - one CFB in general and the other SEC focused. I can only handle so much Razorback talk - especially in recent years. My favorite parts of Bo’s show were outside guests and Clay reading song lyrics.

Oh my goodness.

Snake. He’s an interesting fellow.

Just kidding :grinning:wanted to see if anybody was paying attention!

Everything but the snake part was true. Wanted to hear Clay read Motley Crue’s “ Girls, Girls, Girls” but alas it never came to pass!:grinning:

Well played.

His Big Foot call was legendary.