On Being Picked 3rd

In most ways it really means nothing. Still, it says a lot about how far “the experts” thank Sam has taken this program. We all want respect and they are getting it. To keep it, you most go out and perform. I am not satisfied with 3rd in the West if that is how it ends up, but that is so far ahead of where we were when Hammer Down left.

Now let’s see what really happens. As always, this schedule is just so tough. The season will turn on 2 or 3 bounces of a funny shaped ball!


We all want respect and they are getting it.

I agree coloradohog, we’re slowly but surely starting to turn the page. YES, we’re getting some respect
because of all the hard work, sweat and blood left out there on the practice field. CONGRATS!
NOW what you going to do about it???

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And is far as tough schedules go, I’ll say this.
My step-dad instilled this knowledge in me years ago. In fact, looking back now it radiates common sense
more than knowledge.(maybe I acquired something important) lol ANYWAY…Dad was a die-hard born & bred Alabama fan. On the rare occasions they’d be losing late in the game yes he’d be all tense and fidgety but he’d usually start saying, If you’re going to be great, the best Number 1 (whatever the
accolade may have been at that particular time) then you have to beat the best etc.

SOOOO… until they come up with a national championship trophy because we beat Vanderbilt
three years in a row!!! (No offense Vandy but your record speaks for its self)
But until then, we need to not only look forward to but cherish going after the big dogs because they
are the difference makers.

I still remember what the great Lindsey Nelson told the students at the pep rally before the '65 Texas Game. We were all cheering, We are Number 1! Lindsey said, “To be number 1, you have to beat number 1 on National TV.” We did the next day (Jon B to Bobby C). One of the greatest Hog games of all times.

My favorite of all time, it was made all the more special because I was a freshman.

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