On Arkansas' transition offense vs. UCA

Arkansas made it a point to get out and run when given the chance Wednesday vs. UCA. The Razorbacks finished with 32 fastbreak points, their most in a game under Eric Musselman. Davonte Davis and Au’Diese Toney led the charge:

They definitely had some beautiful transition baskets.

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I’m wondering is there anyway we can get bigger font in these articles… it’s so small I can’t read it unless I got my readers on LOL

Are you trying to read on a laptop? If you are, hold down the command key then press the + sign. On a phone or tablet you should be able to enlarge text using two fingers. There may also be a “reader view” option that enlarges the text a bit.

I’m just reading on my phone… I can see it easier on my laptop but I was in the bed and too lazy to go put on my readers LOL yeah I knew about enlarging it with my fingers but I can’t read all the sentence if I do that and I have to keep going back and forth to see the sentence in completion

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