On Arkansas' long-term plan in Arlington

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Yeah KP tweeted that it was -2 degrees in Omaha.

That’s why this southern boy will never live farther north than Arkansas. Ever.


This southern boy hates 90-90 days in July. You can always put on another layer if it’s cold. You can’t do anything about the Southern pea soup.

I’m very warm natured. I never wear a coat but the severe cold is what I hate along with the 95 plus days with high humidity. Severe cold to me is 15 and below. I couldn’t imagine dealing with single to below zero highs on a fairly regular basis.

I’ve been accused of being from Minnesota because I mostly wear short sleeve shirts regardless of the temp.

If I had to pick, I would take the heat as much as I hate it too.

The hotter the better… I’m one of those guys that actually likes to sweat. But I was used to being out in it for so long on the coaching field I guess I got used to it… that and playing tournament softball here in Mississippi in the 95 to 100 degree heat with 70% humidity the heat just never has really bothered me.

I still can’t believe we would play 6-7 softball games in a one day in that heat because we pretty much always lose the early morning game and get into the losers bracket because most of our guys weren’t getting into about three or four in the morning LOL


I like San Diego type weather.

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