On Arkansas' defensive no-show after halftime Saturday

“For much of the season, offensive struggle has been the problem. Tonight, certainly, (defense) was a major, major issue,” Eric Musselman said

On Arkansas’ defensive no-show after halftime in its loss to Vandy:

Completely don’t understand why we collapsed defensively today.

Their seven footer owned our bigs and AB and Council can’t keep anyone in front of them. We need to play a zone D and we need nick smith to be our whole entire offense. Or else muss will have to pull off some insane magic trick

Don’t know why he won’t completely empty the bench to find someone that’ll play a lick of defense!? 63 points in a half! 97 total… We’re talking about vandy. Sheesh

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Hate to say it but I bet Missouri coaches and players are so very thankful that the Hogs are coming for their next game.

I doubt it. I see it just the opposite. I feel sorry for Missouri. Can’t imagine them scoring 50 pts.

I agree. If the 5 on the court ain’t gettin’ it done, clear the bench! If they were good enough to recruit, let 'em take a shot at playing. It might “light a fire” under the under-performing regulars.

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