On Arkansas' 5-guard lineup vs. A&M

The lineup of Joe-Jones-Whitt-Harris-Sills outscored the Aggies 30-18 on Saturday and was great over the final 12 minutes after Adrio Bailey picked up his 4th foul. It is also plus-19 for the season:

The thing is, Adrio never returned after exiting with his 4th foul. I found that very interesting, gutsy, and perhaps foretelling.

We sure need at least ONE guy 6’10’ or taller. That way some of those missed 3s can be jammed back in by a tall center. Also, it could assist us in rebounds on opponent’s missed shots. We have been lucky to wear down our opponents. Anxious to see what our SEC opponents with 2 strong 6’9" forwards or a good 6’11" center can do to completely change our game plan. Still predict 20 wins and perhaps semifinalist in SEC and a #12-14 selection in the NCAA tournament… MHO

No 6’11 guys on the horizon. I’m afraid you’ll have to be content with a 7’3 and a highly skilled 6’10 guy next year. As for this year, Muss is coaching out of the old Steve Martin playbook. Let’'s get small.

Muss did what he had to do, that is put his best 5 players on the court. Just happened that the 5 are all guards.

I agree at that time he had little choice. Game was tight and Chaney who had just committed 3 turnovers had to be replaced. Options were Bailey with 4 fouls or Henderson who coach doesn’t think is ready or a 5th guard.

I don’t think Mussleman at the time he made the move, thought it was a great strategic move. On the post game show on the radio he said he thought it would give up points but could hold up the lead because it would help offense.

But the reverse happened. It helped defense but did not help our offense. But because of Aggie turnovers it widened the lead. So Mussleman stayed with it.

As far as seeing the 5 guard lineup again, we may see that if Adrio and Chaney both have issues at the same time or if we get behind by double digits to shake up the offense.

In addition it gives the future opposing teams one other facet to worry about matching up with. Takes more time out of their planning and preparation.