On another note KJ Hill

looks good. I know kids have their own choice, but we have to figure out how to keep our program changing athletes home.

KJ’s stepfather (who used to post here) is the reason he’s in Columbus. Why he became such a rabid Buckeye is subject to conjecture.

KJ Hill and the Buckeyes kicking a** right now. Hill playing a big role. He wanted to play in a big time program I guess. Ohio State > Ark. in terms of “ big time.” Much moreso.

We do as well as can be expected in keeping them. You can’t get every player unless you pay a lot and even then it’s not a guarantee. I’m not saying he got paid. I’m saying the idea that we or any other program can get all their in-state studs isn’t reality.

It’s just like with the former UK 2-guard. I read over and over that we had to keep him and we couldn’t let him get out of state. If Vitale said it 1 time he said it a million.

Guess what? When Louisville and many of the other blue bloods are paying big money, you are going to lose several.

Similarly, you are going to lose football players to the 4-5 teams that system has always been set up to support and is even more in the playoff era.

It doesn’t mean we can’t get a lot of our in-state studs. We have to and we do. But, you can pick out the handful that go elsewhere and be really proud for them for leaving and becoming the competition, but it won’t change the equation.

We have to win and get players. Hill thought he was big time and has turned out to be much better than expected. Yay for him.

We certainly could use KJ but that was not in the cards. I actually liked his stepfather. We PM each other at times and he was (IMO) a nice guy. But things got crazy in NLR and things went another way. His mom and stepfather moved to Columbus with jobs (imagine that).

Our misses on OL and DL are the problem today.

You can’t make me believe every lineman except Ragnow was a miss. I have a funny feeling if he leaves we will all see its coaching.

Who’s trying to make you believe that and what does it have to do with this thread?

The way I see it if a kid from Arkansas and his family don’t like the hogs enough for them to play for the Hogs it’s best for them to go elsewhere.
Loyalty and integrity are lost in this world.

I hope he has a good college experience.


Who would Hill replace on our team? We have several who are just as good as him. Can’t argue with him on wanting to play for an NC.

You think he would have been a “slave” to play for free at Arkansas?

If KJ was here, he probably would be on the sideline and we would be talking about why is he not getting touches… I also think the Kick Return kid should be getting in somehow in the game plan, I don’t care if it’s just a toss or Jett …

Lol!!, who would he replace … He’s getting serious play in a team that is loaded, he would replace anyone in the WR group


You didn’t say who you would replace.