On a serious note

At what point does chad throw the towel in on ty and Cole and give the job to one of the younger guys and let them get their feet wet.

I think it needs to be done, Ty and Cole are just not good enough, plain and simple.

I know everyone is in complete meltdown mode after this game, completely forgetting the games we’ve watched over the past 5 years. I used to think Aggies were the most unrealistic fan base, it might actually be us. We should’ve won that game. No question. The coaches did not do a great job, also no question. It happens. Get over it, give the guy some time.

It doesn’t do anything but hurt our program even more of he doesn’t work out, so you better all be hoping he works it out. Let him get some of his players here, get rid of Brets lack of talented players, and build something. If we had to fire chad at the end of the year it would be the nail in the coffin of this program, I firmly believe we wouldn’t bounce back. It’s bad enough in the mess Bret caused.

When should he throw in the towel on the upperclassmen QBs? Hopefully he decided to as soon as the clock hit zero.

Can’t win with a true freshman QB ? Probably not but I KNOW you can’t win with QBs that are not nor will they ever be SEC QBs.

What was it Darrell Royal said about pups?

I agree.

I’m not a fan of true freshman qbs, but there is absolutely no way they will be worse than ty or cole, I don’t believe it. Ty can’t hit the broad side of a barn, and if he did he would under throw it, and Cole just has bad vision and decision making, and moves like he’s in mud.

I’m not a fan of it either, but I don’t see a choice.

It doesn’t matter who QB is today. Not going to win SEC games. No need getting them beat up this early will inexperienced OL.

He waits till last 4 games, then Noland and JPJ will spilt reps rest of the year.

Still be able to red shirt them.

Actually pretty smart.

Disagree - TS and CK can’t play winning QB at this level. The new redshirt rule allows you to play these young guys against NTSU with little or no risk. You may catch lightning in a bottle or at least see they have more upside and let them take the reins going forward. If not, then put the shirt back on for now.

I agree with one thing in this post. Our two upperclassmen aren’t the answer. I was afraid of that last week when virtually all of Ty’s touchdown passes were nor accurate at all. The receivers were just so open he had lots of margin for error. I knew then we won’t see such bad coverage much if any the rest of the year. I’m not sure what the answer is but I clearly see the top two aren’t the answer.

CCM stayed with Cole way too long last night so our offense DIED in the 4th quarter. After his 2 TD passes, CSU turned up the pressure on him and it exposed his lack of escape, inept decision making and slow decisions/reads. Cole has started 3 or 4 SEC games last year and the first one this year, but still hasn’t progressed to firmly take the job during camp. Cole is so slow in his process, doesn’t go through his progressions, and is too slow to get away from a rush.

This was Ty’s first start ever at Ark. The playcalling sucked period. Ty’s accuracy issues showed up, but his run threat kept them from pressuring consistently. It appears Ty isn’t the answer but he could be a starter and then let the Hyatt, Noland and Jones trio rotate. The trio should not be starting as it is overwhelming for your first few starts.

Commit to developing the Trio of freshmen. The Oline needs a mobile QB in the pocket.