On a positive note or two

As I have said, I tend to be a natural optimist. I was upset earlier. But, maybe because of my wife’s cancer dance, I have learned to find positives once I get past initial shock and upset. (Mary is doing GREAT btw…thanks for everyone’s continued prayers. They have meant the world).

Some positives:

  1. Unless there is something I don’t know about, it looks like we are totally healthy. Toney has looked great yesterday and today. I know he’s dealing with pain. But he looks great. I am not aware of anyone else being nicked. That is a huge plus.
  2. Devo played better today. And Lykes played very, very well yesterday. If those two can start to trend…
  3. I just can’t imagine Jaylin and JD playing that bad again. Hopefully this was a “bad round”
  4. Stanley is a stud…and starting to play like it more consistently. We need his perimeter shooting and his overall offensive prowess

Today was an awful performance. But, as many other posters have pointed out, the main tournament awaits. Hopefully we didn’t lose our 4 seed. I will admit I was hoping badly we would at least make the SEC tourney finals. And seeing that we would have faced the Vols…whom we owe. DANG. I really would like to see us win that tournament. And you could see how much it hurt Stan and Au’Diese in the post-game.

In any case, let’s go make a deep run. We are not a “great” team. Thing is…I don’t think there are any “great” college teams this year. Someone is gonna surprise and make a deep run. Might as well be us.

C’mon Jaylin and JD–let’s find our form. Find your confidence.


I like it when folks find something positive in a loss!
One other thing to think about. Notae and J Williams both had terrible games that won’t happen in the next game.
The bright spot for me today was seeing Umude and Toney play well again.
Devo needs to figure out what a good shot is! Lykes needs to avoid dribbling into the trees!
Bottom line that game is over flush it !
Muss in his presser is going to review the tape and go over the mistakes with all the players and get it fixed.
There’s no excuse for the lack of defense played today.

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Another positive…long-range.

I think this team, as a 4 seed, can make a Final Four. Of course, as we saw today, we can get bounced too. But I really think we can make a deep run.

But NEXT year. If JD and Toney can be convinced to come back next year…to play with our incoming class? THAT will be a national championship calibre team from the opening tap of the season.

And I think JD and Au’Diese both need to come back. I think JD especially could really boost his draft stock with another year at the point…with more weapons around him.


I hear you.

The Cancer "dance " - which my wife dubbed it, too, puts everything and every day in clear perspective.


Namaste and God Bless you and yours Dudley. You have been a beacon of how to keep on living in the midst of horrible adversity. I have admired you for years.

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Thanks and I will always be here if you need me

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Good Lord willing. I lost a friend a couple of weeks ago.

You guess it, a motorcycle wreck…52 years old…James Lane

We had one of those games where nothing went right for whatever reason, glad to get that game over and move on. We have a very good team and unlike yesterday we give ourselves a chance to win almost every game and I’m sure we will return to that form this week. The National Championship is up for grabs and the most consistent hungry team will win it all, there’s several teams that have what it takes to cut the nets down. Will probably see more upsets than usual in my thoughts as there are so many evenly matched teams this year. WPS

Well today the Aggies are stone cold shooting the ball down to 14 -0. They came back to earth.
Flush the bad game yesterday but take heed to the tape about how not to play defense. Noting went right for our hogs and the Aggies could have made threes from the locker room yesterday!

Just watched CEM PC man I bet he never plays poker… maybe I’m reading too much into it but during the PC he mentions something to the effect of “these guys can’t be distracted” just wondering if it was a distraction that happened leading up to the game. A couple players didn’t seem to be them selves.

Just trying to make sense out of it…aTm did play good though.

Yesterday’s presser? or was there another one today?

Mary never wanted to use the word “battle.” She said she would love her cancer away. Thus the term “dance.” The 2015 dance wound up at MD Anderson. Radiation treatment was successful…but then a recurrence in 2019. This time, major surgery at the legendary Mayo Clinic in balmy MN…and 21 months later things look great.

I know literally thousands have been praying for her. She’s a very well known classical violinist, Irish fiddler and teacher. Has impacted so many lives. This board has been so supportive…I will never forget it.


Sorry the one after the game with toney and Stanley.

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