ON a lighter note....

The board has been somewhat edgy the past few weeks for good reason.

To lighten things up, what are some amusing things you’ve seen in Hog Athletics over the years?

I’ll provide a few examples:

  1. Reggie Herring putting pink jerseys on those who loafed in practice.
  2. Petrino kicking a Gator Hat wearing reporter out of a press conference.
  3. The streaker in the Ole Miss game during the Matt Jones years.


2000 Cotton Bowl. Our mascot walks over close to Bevo and strikes the Karate Kid pose. Bevo was lying down, gave him a look and turned his head. I think Bevo foresaw the outcome and just wanted to sulk. :smiley:

I was at a Little Rock game many years ago and the announcer leading the spell out at the end of the half time show managed to spell out GO GOGS!

I was sitting behind the Razorback bench at an exhibition game against some eastern European national team in Little Rock during Nolan’s years. The Hogs were just suffocating on defense. One of their guys picked up his dribble in back court right in front of the bench, and the Hog guarding(it might have been William Mills) him got up real tight and kissed the guy on the cheek. The guy just looked stunned and did not move, and the ref ended up calling a ten second violation. The guys on the bench just exploded, but Nolan just shook his head, gave a little smile and walked towards the scorer’s table.

In a bb game when Rick Pitino at Kentucky came onto the court, (was it Barnhill?) maybe not. Any way the band was playing “The Godfather” (I thing again.) And Rick showed up I mean in the last minute.

Then Rick kind of just made a turn around in his 300 buck suit like he was in a fashion show, dog show, LOL (BTW at that time a 300 buck suit was expensive) or an audition and half way raised his arms half way and turned his hands from upright to turning them over. Maybe he was saying something to one of his coaches and just a movement he made.

NOW fast forward to today and would you not call that ironic that that very move and music is like (In that 1000 buck suit now)


I was at that game and remember the misspelling. :lol: