On 3-point shooting and whether the Hogs have enough

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It’s a good question to ask- will we have enough 3-point shooting. I feel like Nolan’s best teams had (key) players that could do it all - shoot, dribble, play D, move the ball, finish, and were just all around good players. They weren’t necessarily great at any one thing… or at least they didn’t have glaring weaknesses. Seems like things started going down hill a little when we got into the “specialists”. Great shooter but not so great at other stuff. Great rebounder, not so great at other stuff. Great dribbler, etc. My hope is that we are getting back to bringing in all around players and avoiding the specialists with glaring weaknesses… including bringing in (mostly) guys who can hit a shot when left open.

They think Darious Hall will get to that point down the road. Still needs to improve his ball handling and gain confidence in his shooting, but he should be a versatile kind of player you’re talking about. Adrio Bailey has developed a lot over the course of the year and should only improve as he gets used to playing outside the paint. They hope Jordan Phillips can be that kind of player. Isaiah Joe’s shooting is what gets attention, but I like his all-around game.

I think not having a stretch guy at the 4 and the relative lack of good ball/player movement last year were the 2 main reasons for a lower number of attempts. Still no stretch guy and the same guards, sans the best shooter, are back, so it’ll be on them to play within the system more often this year.