OMG what is going on

Who are these guys in the red? It’s like we forgot what got us on the winning streak. Moses has been at the 3 point line again trying to guard their guards. Defense is 2 steps slow? Offense dribbling 25 feet from the basket without purpose?

Maybe we are just 2 tight? Shots are not close?

Man to man D ? WPS

Not sure what his problem is, but not good.

I don’t know. It’s games like this that make me think this team is really pretty weak. Whatever.

We lookalike we don’t belong on the same court. Dissapointing start.

It’s because they’ve been reading and listening to the experts on all the Hog board and shows around the state that said we are now solidly in. If we lose to FL, GA, and 1st game in SEC (Ole Miss) WE WILL BE IN THE NIT.

We are climbing back in this thing. Like to see more of Trey and less Thomas

The zone is working. Why play ourselves in a hole with man to man???


Yes it is

Settle down. There’s a lot more ball to play. Surely we won’t give them 20 point off turnovers in the second half.

Shooters have not been shooting the ball. No movement. It will turn.


We had the ball on 4 occasions down by 11. Instead of cutting the lead to single digits, we managed to let Florida score

Gators not playing as well against our zone right now. WPS

We’re shooting 33% from the field. Zone, man, doesn’t matter if you can’t put the ball in the hole at the other end. At least we’re not in foul trouble.

The worst thing about this 13 point spread is that FL is not playing well. They’ve had 9 TOs, mostly unforced, yet we’ve got virtually nothing off their turnovers. They are shooting well, but that is expected since we gave them many point blank shots the first 10 minutes.

Hopefully we will get it together at half-time and come out looking like the team that has won 5 in a row.

It will be fine. When the right players start taking the shots it will change. I still say we win.

The original comment on our man to man strikes with me as well. Someone with more basketball knowledge please tell me why Moses always switches on that screen and ends up guarding a guard and our guard with a mismatch. Well, two mismatches…??

There is a serious talent gap between Florida/Kentucky and the rest of the SEC.
Florida is MUCH quicker than we are. We saw the same thing in the first game in Fayetteville

Absolutely the worst call I’ve seen this year period, call it home cooking !! WPS

I fully expected them to call a Flagrant 2. I believe the one official actually said it and the other two disagreed. I can’t believe I agree with the announcers but NO WAY was that an offensive foul.

Keep grinding Hogs.