OMG In the Auburn v Bama game

Quick someone better give Satan a text and tell him he needs to dig out a sweater because its about to snow him in!!

The SEC incompetents… er I mean referees actually called TARGETING against Alabama and confirmed it!!! I am stunned!! I guess Nick Saban is behind on his payment to the head office.
They just lost their #1 WR to a play on special teams where he was making a tackle!!

WOW… This is almost as rare as The Great White Buffalo or The Blue Star.

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I like the concept of Targeting, but in my opinion that didn’t meet the intention for targeting. They are being too precise.

Lets see…

He lowered and lead with the crown of the helmet… CHECK
He made contact to the head (ie helmet to helmet)… CHECK
He launched himself through the tackle… CHECK

He absolutely was guilty of targeting. No doubt in my mind at all and I am no fan of the targeting rule and the way its implemented and the totally inconsistent nature of the officials in how they call it.


That was absolute clear targeting everything they tell you not to do he did… he launched himself head first into the helmet …automatic targeting


Took 10 mins to confirm against bama. That’s like 3 for any other team when this clear

when I saw that, I was glad they made the right call, but man it was no worse than what Bama did to KJ last week, on that sideline tackle, when the crown of the bama player hit KJ’s ear hole. and no call, of course.

meanwhile, Tyler wilson still hasn’t recovered from the dozen targeting no-calls that he received from bama.


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