Omar McLeod fastest qualifier in 110 hurdles

Finals are later tonight. He would have to be the favorite for the gold, as many predicted before the games began. His time was 13.15, looked very smooth and shut it down after the last hurdle.

Two Americans in the final, including Oregon wide receiver Devon Allen. Allen finished third in McLeod’s semifinal and had to get in on time. Ronnie Ash was an automatic qualifier finishing second in his semifinal but was actually slower than Allen.

Let’s see, a Hog vs. a Duck in the final? I’m cheering for Omar.

Americans have no chance to even medal in this. French will be the biggest test. I have conceded this gold medal to Jamaica.

If the USA must concede to someone, it is good that it is a Razorback. :sunglasses:

McLeod wins. Razorbacks get good mention by announcers.

Agree with that. Perfect time for that since American world record holder and defending champion Aries Merrit had to have a kidney transplant a year ago.

I usually pull for US participants, like most here. However, I unapologetically pull for former Razorbacks in every sport. And so, I was absolutely rooting for Omar in this race.

It really got in my grill how they played up that the American was part of Oregon’s football team and kept showing them watching on campus. I didn’t watch ALL the coverage - kept watching different things while coming back and forth to the Olympics so I’d know when to watch the race - but whenever they referred to Omar, it was as the Jamaican . . . didn’t hear anything at all about him being a decorated Razorback. I wish they’d shown a remote of out track athletes in Fayetteville watching the race (I’m sure if they’d have asked for permission, several of them would have gathered in a show of solidarity, which is probably why the Oregon football team was watching together).

Finally, after he’d won and it was about to go over to another event, the announcer mentioned “the former Arkansas Razorback”. However, it had felt like the Oregon Duck invitational the whole time until then.

I don’t mind them playing the Oregon angle up with the one kid . . . so long as they also mention (and promote, even if unintentional) our program prominently as well. Especially when our guy dominates the Oregon guy. And he did.

What you guys are missing is that the Olympics is competition between nations and not between college teams. Just look at the medals table. It only shows countries. Further the TV broadcast you are watching is produced for American audience and not Arkansas audience. Rest of America is cheering for Devon Allen and Ronnie Ash. They could care less that McLeod went to school here.

I for one take my Razorback hat off when I watch international events. I want USA to win first. That is why it is so easy for me to root for Sandi Morris and Stacy Lewis wherever they are competing.

I hate Jamaicans getting sprint medals, period. I want America to be Great again in sprinting, ha, ha, ha.

Maybe we should admit Jamaica as the 51st state?

I’ve made my stance pretty clear. If it’s generic American vs. generic Jamaican or Brit or Russian or whatever, sure, go go USA. But if the Jamaican isn’t generic, meaning he spent two seasons with a Hog on his singlet, and the American is a Duck or a Longhorn or a Gator, darn right I go with the Hog. Take the women’s pole vault. I would be perfectly happy for Sandi Morris to win gold and Tina Sutej to take silver. Or vice versa. Nothing against Jenn Suhr, who attended some school I never even heard of, but she isn’t a Hog. Tina Sutej can’t help where she was born, but she chose to be a Hog.

Which leads me to one thing that darn near induced nausea. The only individual race Michael Phelps didn’t win in Rio was the 100 fly, which he lost to Joseph Schooling from Singapore. Schooling attends/swims for Texas. I can’t really trash him for that since we don’t even have a men’s swimming program. But when they showed him in the pool after he won his race, I couldn’t help but notice that he has Bevo tattooed on his left shoulder. Gag.

Thanks, PJ, but I’m not “missing” a thing. It was NBC that was making it all about Oregon - not me! And, yes, I know the kid is competing for the US. But I don’t pull for Longhorns, for example, no matter who they are competing for. That’s why I never pull for Jordan Spieth. He’s a good kid, and all that. And a great talent. I don’t wish him any misfortune; I just don’t want a Texas golfer to win. that’s MY prerogative. And, by the way, I was pulling for David Lingmerth in the Mens’ golf.

I was pretty clear in stating how I look at things - pretty similar to SF in that regard (based on his post in this thread). Didn’t say others SHOULD feel the same as I do - just stated MY preference. I respect yours; but just because I differ with you doesn’t mean I “missed” anything.

I understand and appreciate PJ’s position, but I like to see the former Arkansas athletes win, regardless of which nation they represent. The USA medal count will make for a good number on the TV or Wikipedia, but I’m more interested in individuals succeeding. Maybe it’s because I know several of them and their coaches that I have bias.

Former Razorbacks succeeding has the potential to help future students and athletes at the university. Successful alumni have a good track record of giving back. Track people aren’t well paid in relation to other sports, but I’ll be surprised if Omar McLeod isn’t financially supporting the Razorbacks one day. And the more gold he wins, the more opportunities he will have from endorsements, winnings, etc.

Usain Bolt makes something like $20 million a year. No, a 110 hurdler is not going to rake in the megacash like the GOAT sprinter, but at that level, it can still be quite lucrative. And I bet his income on the deal with Nike just took a huge bump upward. Plus there will be direct gold medal bonuses, and his appearance fees to run in Europe just increased.

I respect your opinion of who you want to root for. We all have reasons why we root for some one or some team. The “missing point” comment was about why NBC was pushing Devon Allen and that storyline. Because he is an American and that was their focus. And on top of that Allen played WR in football. And football being the most popular sport here, they going to work that angle for ratings. Now if McLeod had played football for Hogs, that would have created storylines for NBC.