Omaha weather

48 hour forecast shows possible thunderstorms, but wind from the NW. I’ve been to Omaha quite a few times and I think the stadium is oriented just like Baum. This would appear to be good for us with some HR’s blowing out to right field.

TDA is indeed oriented just like Baum, but a northwest wind would be blowing out to dead center. North wind would be blowing out to right.

Yup good for us. Not familiar enough with FSU roster to know if they have LH home run hitters.

Believe it or not, the FSU website does not list what side they hit from. However, a little research shows Drew Mendoza, who leads them with 16 HRs, is a lefty. JC Flowers, #2 with 13 dingers (and also their closer with 12 saves) hits from the right side. Reese Albert, who has 9 homers, is a lefty.

They have 82 homers to 85 for us, so pretty comparable. I’m not familiar enough with their home park (or any of the ACC fields really) to know how homer-friendly it is. When the wind is out of the south at BWS, it’s not homer friendly at all.

So, we pitch around Mendoza, at least with men on base. Counting Opitz and Ezell, we have 5 or 6 guys capable of hitting it out to right field. Sure wish Casey Martin could go opposite field, don’t recall him ever doing that.

If it’s blowing directly out to center, it will also help one of Casey’s pulled shots.

Zay only gives up one homer per 22 innings pitched this year. I’m not sure he needs to be pitching around anyone. He didn’t pitch around Bleday who has 26 homers; Bleday had a single and a sac fly in four trips that night in Vandy’s bandbox.

Florida State also plays where it’s warmer than Fayetteville. That helps their numbers as well. From watching them play I’m not worried about the home runs.
I’m just hoping we play solid defense and don’t pass out walks or HBP! Their lefty that will start on the mound is what our team needs to focus on! They don’t exactly light the scoreboard up agaisnt LSU. If the home plate umpire is calling a good strike zone both ways I think the hogs can score 6 or more runs agaisnt them.
Flowers their closer didn’t throw his breaking pitch for a strike he got LSU to fish out of the zone. LSU ran the bases like 10 years olds and gave game 2 away!
In game 1 LSU had poor bases running and errors and walks that cost them their 4 run lead late. The hogs just need to have a good game.

As someone who has a lot of experience perusing opponents web sites for rosters, I have learned that when all else fails, look at the media guide. The FSU media guide contains a roster showing Bats/Throws.

Marty, I give you an “A” for “uses resources wisely”, but only a “D” for “completes assignments” . . . no link!

Here ya go . . . … -Guide.pdf


Well-played, but