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I’ve never been up there for CWS but the family wants to go this year bc son/new daughter are in KC to drive up.
Where should we stay up there? How bad is traffic to get to the ball park? There will be a bunch of us(6) so we need two rooms. And will tickets be an issue this year bc of COVID?
I’m just trying to pre-plan bc of my work schedule to be off. May book some rooms up there and spend mini vacay up there.

Tickets are available, getting 6 together won’t be easy. Some people buy the ticket package, some wait hours in line for the GA admission, and some buy them an hour before the game starts, as the prices usually start going down then. Traffic is manageable, but we used Uber and left the car at the hotel, celebrating or commiserating after the games, lol. Plenty of hotels, and they like to charge triple the price that week, lol.

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If you stay downtown, be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars each night. I’ve stayed all over town and there really isn’t a bad area that I have experienced. We like staying in the midtown area and on the west edge of town.

Traffic to the park isn’t too bad unless you try to arrive within 30 minutes before the game. The park is just off the interstate and there is a lot of parking available. There are also a lot of restaurants and vendors around the ballpark to kill the time, and you’re a relatively short walk (or Uber ride) from the Old Market district, which I recommend.

I’d suggest you go if you can. It’s a great experience.

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The GA situation is really bad on opening weekend unless you get there several hours beforehand. I know people who bought GA tickets for the Florida State game a couple of years ago and weren’t allowed into the park until the seventh inning.

Just looked on Stubhub and a couple of other secondary sites. Individual game tickets start at $85 and an all-games pass is $1200.

I did the GA thing for the popup game. Four hours in line on a day meant for skin cancer, starting over by the basketball arena and working our way around to right field. But it was worth it, and would have been infinitely worth it if we’d caught the damn popup.

As teams get eliminated, those with the tournament passes will be giving them up at lower and lower prices. I pretty much got good seats for $60-80/seat last time.

Something to keep in mind about hotels in Omaha this year: the U.S. swim trials are going to be taking place at the CHI Health Center downtown, across the street from the ballpark on opening weekend of the CWS. We were in Omaha at the same time as the swim trials in 2012 and those added to an already strained hotel situation.

We have stayed at Marriott properties within walking distance of the ball park. The Marriott Capitol District is our favorite, but we’ve enjoyed staying at the Residence Inn and Courtyard, also. I’ve noticed a lot of availability pop up in the last few days. As Matt said, they are usually expensive. Unless something has changed in the last few days, all tickets will be reserved including the outfield tickets which used to be general admission. They hope to return this area to general admission next year. I’ve also learned that there will not be opening ceremonies, parade of teams, open practices, or autograph sessions this year. As others have mentioned, there are lots of restaurants and vendors near the ballpark and the Old Market also has lots restaurants and shops. It’s an experience you will never forget.

There is plenty to keep you busy on off days if you are so inclined. Different activities will appeal to different age groups, of course. We enjoyed the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum, the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, the Heartland of America Park, the Joslyn Art Museum, and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. I don’t know the current status of these places due to Covid, so it would be wise to check before you go.

And don’t forget a visit to the Drover for Whiskey marinated steak.

Matt is right. It is not far from the Interstate, but there are 3 of those (4 depending on how you count). It is on what I call “the river road” which also goes by the airport. Use to be able to get decent rooms and price at the Casinos across the river. Have not done that in awhile. OMA is one of the easiest places to get around and in and out of the airport that I travel. I go through at least once a month. It is also the least expensive for air travel at least for to and fro DEN. I was there 2 weeks ago and all seemed normal Covid wise. Of course, NE was never crazy over covid. Great folks there.


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