Omaha + CWS = Rain

It happens every year. All those days off we’re supposed to get between games may get soaked up (Ha! Pun!) with rain. NWS has an 80% chance of rain tomorrow and 100% chance on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that doesn’t mean complete wash out, but conditions will certainly be less than ideal regardless.

Meanwhile in SE Missouri and Eastern Arkansas, farmers are begging for rain.

It’s about to start storming here. I’m in west Omaha, about 20 miles from the park, and it is getting dark. I’ll be surprised if they get the Oregon State-Washington game in without a delay.

It’s has been in a delay for a while.
I hope our game tomorrow starts on time without any delays.

I’d be surprised if we do.

First off, they’re likely going to have to move at least the night game from today (MSU - N. Car) into tomorrow. And then there’s more rain forecast for tomorrow. I’m thinking we may not play until Wednesday - what time is anyone’s guess at this point.

What makes that even more interesting is that the wind is supposed to change direction tomorrow evening going into Wednesday, so it will be blowing OUT instead of in. Not at 20 MPH, but perhaps half of that. Still, that could dramatically change some ball games.

That changed the advantage of being able to use your entire bullpen tomorrow and let them rest until Friday. I hope our game is played tomorrow