Omaha at Arkansas

Starks has all the tools. He will get it right.

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So will the back up catcher. Man he smoked that line drive to wall on a bounce.

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Webb swings at the balls off the plate and let’s the strikes go by. He’s struggling for sure.

I’m pulling for them all but especially the ones from Arkansas.


Man we really need to find a closer or second closer going through these guys.

I just don’t have confidence yet in our current staff.

Yes hard to stay sharp but you don’t pitch.

Now Moten is a kid who can help us kid has a great delivery, explodes out of his hand… well now that I bragged on him he walks a guy and hits a batter LOL


He sure looks good!

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They say he’s got a ways to go defensively but he’s got big time power

I heard that a few weeks ago.
Now Motoen has hit 2 batters in a row.

Yeah I can tell he wasn’t happy throwing the ball bad the last couple of hitters he knows what it’s like now

Good win guys just keep it going this weekend

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Great win hogs!! 15-3 win!! WPS what a way to end.

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BB NXT!! Let’s go beat LSwho!!! See you guys on the nxt thread!

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Yeah. That’s what I thought, but then I figured I must’ve been wrong. I’m not impressed with the scoreboard operator this year

I’ll be glad when Phil gets back

There can be a run rule when both teams agree to one pre-game. There is no limit in SEC games unless there are potential travel problems. In that case, the rule becomes no inning can start after a certain time.

Run rules are often in effect for tournament games, notably the SEC tournament. Getting four games played in one day can be a challenge. The rule is: “SECTION 79. By conference rule, or mutual consent of both coaches before the contest, a game may be stopped only after seven innings if one team is ahead by at least 10 runs.”

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There was no problem with the scoreboard at Baum-Walker Stadium except for the pitch speed. It quit sometime mid-game.

However, the live stats were weird. I frequently use them to validate a pitch sequence, who was given an error, etc. Yesterday they wouldn’t update for several minutes. That happened throughout the game.

Yeah. I was probably blaming the field scoreboard operator for the info (or lack thereof) on the TV screen.

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