OM will attack us the same way

They are going to throw the ball out there to those big wide receivers then they’re going to try to hit them across the middle very much like Alabama and their quarterback can throw the long ball as good as anybody I’ve seen hopefully the defense can make some adjustments this coming week or it will be hard to keep them from Getting 40. Our offense can score that many on them if we can protect the ball

They aren’t a good team. They may beat us but they can’t stop anyone. And their big WRs ar dinged up. Just need to stop killing ourselves and we will have a good shot.

or at least “on their heels” if you like that better. tackling was terrible.

I don’t think we saw our D’s best effort, but I don’t think Ole Miss will intimidate these guys in fact, I bet they come out hot after watching film of this game. Ole Piss will still score, they bought themselves some very good offensive players.

Also, SEC officials don’t let other teams’ OL hold evey play like they let Bama. Poor Agim was in a choke hold on Tua’s second or third TD pass.

I’m enjoying watching our team grow. I"m looking forward to our 5-1 finish to the year and bowl game!


The offensive line is the biggest difference Ole Miss offensive line is not near as good as Alabama’s so we have a chance to get some pressure but the kid can flat-out throw the football and they’re big receivers will be a tremendous challenge for us just to bring them down the way we tackle

We don’t match up well with a mediocre Ole Miss team. The Rebel offense is built around a good passing attack, and our defense against the pass is horrible. We are pretty solid against the run, but Ole Miss is a passing offense. I wonder how we will try to defend them? Unfortunately, Santos Ramirez is back there. He can’t tackle or play pass defense. Ole Miss loves to get the ball deep and that is the weakest part of our defense. Our best hope is for their quarterback having to go back to Hawaii next weekend for a surfing contest.

Om pass attack is very very good the quarterback has a great arm and a great touch and has three or four great receivers Chavis only knows one with a play and that’s man to man and we don’t have the Personnel to do it other than pulley the offensive line is not as good so we may can bring the house and get some pressure but if he has time to throw the ball we have no chance to stop him. Their defense is horrible if we can control the ball with our running game and short passing game that will help to keep the ball out of their hand. They have 703 yards total offense with 10 minutes left in the third quarter against louisiana-monroe

Meanwhile they put up 70 on ULM

Bama 62 - OM 7. OM scored on the first play of the game. Shut out the remaining 59 minutes of the game. Couldn’t score on the Bama 2nd and 3rd teams the last quarter and 1/2 of the game.

OM offense? If our defense gets back to the level they played at A&M, I think we will cruise by a couple of TDs over OM.

I think a comparison of 'Bama’s third team defense and our first team defense would not be good news for us.

We scored 31 points on Bama’s 1st and 2nd and 3rd team defense, while OM scored 7. Yet we still talk about OM and their oh so good offense? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

When Bama is really motivated nobody’s offense is going to do very much against them. They played with Incredible intensity that night

That’s what we do. Inferiority complex. There’s absolutely no reason in the world we can’t win that game against OM. It will probably be a 3-4 pt spread and it will be at home at night and yet this thread suggests we shouldn’t even show up.

When’s the last time they beat us? But they’re a bad matchup for us?

I think Ole Miss will probably put up a lot of points against Arkansas. I think Arkansas should score a lot against that Ole Miss defense, which is bad. It should be a good, high-scoring game.

OM is not Alabama. We can pressure their QB and defend them overall. Last few bruising games have made AR a tougher team and improved. I pick AR to beat OM handily.

The Ole Miss game is never easy. Throw out all the records, wins and losses this year. It will be a very hard fought game, with the winner winning by 3 or 4 points.


I think Ole Miss will probably put up a lot of points against Arkansas. I think Arkansas should score a lot against that Ole Miss defense, which is bad. It should be a good, high-scoring game.

[/quote]Which means it’ll probably be a low-scoring, defensive battle. Isn’t that the way it always works? :stuck_out_tongue:

I also expect our defense to come in with a chip on their shoulder after the battering they took from Bama. Especially if they hear what a great offense OM has from our fans. If the defense that played A&M last week shows up for the OM game, we may win handily. Certainly, our offense can’t give up 2 fumbles and an INT and win handily though. Ty’s got to clean up those fumbles, and I believe he will.

Ole Miss knows we will beat them just like A/M knows they will beat us…

Nobody on here has said anything about not showing up. I just posted that they will try to attack us the same way Bama did and they have the weapons to do it. I also said we can score on them just as easily on them if we hold onto the you tried to put words in my mouth if you are referring to me.I ain’t scaarrrred of em but most certainly can spot talent and know to respect it.

If we do get a one to two touchdown lead we better remember what happened in Colorado and keep the hammer down in the left lane for 4 quarters