OM Talking to Les...

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Interesting to say the least. I hate to say it, but that would probably be a very good hire for them & might mean the difference between 3-4 years of awful football & 7 or more years of awful football. He won’t make them great–no one will unless he cheats–but he could make them more than competitive.

Consider the source.

I didn’t notice that when I read the article, Matt, but I don’t think I know anything about 12up, either good or bad. I assume you do not consider it credible. What’s the skinny on it? Just some goofy blogger?

That’s an aggregate site referencing an obscure tweeter. Maybe the information is right, but I’m skeptical; it doesn’t look real credible.

How many times does the public actually know when somebody is interviewing for a job? If Ole Miss really wants to mess up the upcoming season, they bring in a new head coach 5 weeks before it begins. I’m skeptical, but we’ll see.

I don’t consider it credible. I don’t think Ole Miss will hire Les Miles. Seems farfetched to me.

Fake news…

I can’t imagine that they can make a good hire until they know what the NCAA is going to do to them. I can’t imagine that Miles would take a job before he knows the penalties. The penalties could be quite harsh and that means they are lucky to have Matt Luke for 3-4 years.