OM Sideline

It looked like a peewee game with everyone hootin and hollering every time they made a play.

I know I’m turning into a curmudgeon, but for Pete’s sake, act like you’ve been there.

It’s a perfect example of a sideline taking on the coaches demeanor. Childish, immature and disrespectful.

Ole Miss’s baseball team acts like that too. Sickening.


Ole Mrs’ baseball team, yikes, if i coached 10 year olds that behaved that way, I would straighten that out in a hurry. man, they are a bunch of very poorly behaved middle-schoolers. Literally, when I watched that series this year, I kept thinking “where are their parents?!?!?”



My extreme disdain for the RebNecks began when their softball team came to Baum-Walker Stadium and made complete jerks of themselves, shrieking and just being obnoxious. I didn’t like them before, but since then my feelings have only intensified. Tea-sippers are self-entitled, but at least they have earned titles, etc. RebNecks are loud and obnoxious without ever having earned anything.


Ole miss is only missing a 12 pound chain painted gold to wrap around a player’s neck they can all touch.

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