OM OC Lebby to Oklahoma

Just heard on ESPN radio he had taken the OC job in Oklahoma… I knew they had a relationship…

He went to school there and was a Sooners GA when Venables was DC.

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What? You mean it’s not because he’s just so much better than Briles as a play-caller? :laughing:


Apparently they are paying him $2 million!!!

@neastarkie :joy: :joy: :joy:

So, the next question is (assuming Kiffin doesn’t jump over to Oregon), who will be Lebby’s replacement at Ole Miss?

They really don’t have to replace him unless they want to, kiffin is more than capable of calling the plays

Yeah, OC and DC jobs seem to be increasing at a higher percent than even the head coaches. Barry was close to that last season, at $1.75M. After this season, he may be at that $2M figure. Especially if we have to match another offer.

It seems, just 4 or 5 years ago, most OCs and DCs salaries for very good Power 5 teams were in the $700K to $1M range. It’s nearly double that now.

I am most definitely in the wrong line of work.

Only if you are very good and not Hammer Down material.

Sorry could not resist but the salaries will continue to mirror those of the head coaches. AD jobs are not going to get easier so you better make the good ones happy when you can,

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Hammer down was short lived! But CCM did to get to leave! How much money did that slogan make him in a short period of time!

Joe Brady is out there….hope it isn’t him!!!

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