OM/Mizzou both will throw very good LH at us

I think its a tough opening game b/c of that.I think Mizzou prollly wins that game.We are definently a different team Vs LH pitching,it just seems we don’t see the ball well off them and our pitch recognition goes out the window i can understnad the Fr. but the older guys not so much.
Hopefully we will get back to putting the bat on the ball a lot more especially with RISP b/c that is killing us in every game we have lost the last couple weeks.

We didn’t do any better against the righty AM threw against us either.

We’ve hit left handed pitching good enough through the year. We can again.

Anyone know our record this year against leftie starters?

No we really haven’t hit LH good enough,Last report I heard is we hit RH 72 pts higher,The only reason we didn’t do well against that RH from Tamu was we failed to put the ball in play with RISP ifr we could have had a hit there we blow the game open.

This is a good site to bookmark. It is a PDF that contains a lot of useful SEC baseball stats during the season. … 0Stats.pdf

Scroll down about 70-75% of the way, and you will come to a table titled “SEC Batting Analysis”. It’s the page directly after the “Game Highs for SEC”. There is a breakdown of team hitting vs. Right and Left handers. No one in the conference has the discrepancy in that area that we do. Last year, we were as consistent as could be across the board - you name a situation (vs. right, vs. left, runners on base, no one on base, etc.) and our batting average was virtually the same (right around .300).

And, believe it or not, we are actually batting over .300 as a team with the bases loaded. Which means we must have been batting about .330 before the last 2 weeks. Oddly, this is a complete reversal of last season, when we were last in the conference in that department through the regular season, but warmed up late in the year.

Notice also, at the end of the second table on that page, that we do a better job of advancing runners than the rest of the League. There is a lot of useful information in these tables.

BTW, the very next page contains a similar breakdown for pitching in the conference.

It’s been my feeling that Van Horn’s teams do better the second time they see a pitcher. FYI, what I’ve seen from this team is that they struggle against good lefty pitchers. Maybe that’s the same for a lot of teams, you think? Other teams are having the same issues with the two lefty pitchers that are likely going to go against them. Hopefully, both teams have used some of their bullpen in their first game of the SEC tournament.

Yeah wiz that’s the best site for sec stats I look there all the time.The amazing thing I saw in this Vandy is hittng 323 agianst RH and 315 against LH and that is incredible since they have as many LH hitters as we do whereas we Hit 327 aginast RH(league best) and 268 agianst LH…Miss st has the exact same as Vandy but in reverse… its something we are going to have to get better at IMO its swinging at strikes and not getting ourself

OM vs. Mizzou is an elimination game, and both teams may still be harboring delusional hopes of hosting a Regional if they can make a run to the SEC Tourney Championship. As such, they’ll throw their best of EVERYTHING (starter, set-up, and relievers) to win that critical first game, then go from there.

The winner will still have formidable pitching for us … but NOT their best! :sunglasses:

A few thoughts on this:

  • Some teams have opted not to throw their best on Tuesday because it would only be a five-day rest from the previous Thursday. The SEC moved the final regular season weekend to a Thursday start to avoid that - teams had not been throwing their best pitchers at the tournament before some were eliminated - but the coaches are going to put together a pitching plan with the next weekend in mind, not Hoover.

  • Missouri’s best pitcher is actually its No. 2 starter, T.J. Sikkema. So if Missouri opts to throw its No. 1 starter Tuesday, Arkansas might see the Tigers’ best pitcher. He pitched well against Arkansas earlier this year, but Connor Noland pitched well the same day and the Razorbacks won a close game.

  • Arkansas has hit some left handers well this year and struggled against others. Typically it has broken down along where the game was played, which isn’t surprising; pitchers and hitters are always going to feel most comfortable in their home park.

I agree Matt Mizzou has 3 very good LH as we all know so if they win it will be a challenge just like the 1st time we saw them although we are better hitting LH now than then IMO

We swept MU, but the games were close. I think I’d rather face OM even though they won our series.

I’m not sure who i would like to face…OM has had our # for yrs and are better offensively and they will probably throw that good LH FR they have whereas Mizzou has 3 very good LH but aren’t that great at hitting but neither was Tamu and we saw where that got us.

It’s early (T4) but MU is 1-0 on Ole Miss

IM hoping Missouri wins. I just hate to face Ole Miss again! The way this game has gone it looks like Missouri is asleep and Ole Miss is making just enough plays to win.

It’s 2-1 OM in the middle of the 7th. I’m not sure who I want to win. I hate OM, but I think I’d rather face them than Sikema (sp?). Right now I’m pulling for MO to tie it up and for the game to go 13-14 innings.

If we get lucky enough to see extra innings I’d like to see about 18 innings played ! That would help the bullpens a whole lot!

The OM starter, Ethridge, got through 7 innings and threw 101 pitches. They’re still on their first reliever. I’d hoped MU could have gotten into the OM bull pen a little deeper. It’s still 2-1 in the B8, so MO needs at least 1 run to get to the bottom of the 9th

Missouri had runners and 1st and 2nd with 2 outs and Broyles at the plate strike 1 and called strike 3 were not strikes! Poor calling again!
We will have to avoid walking Ole Miss and the hogs should be able to win!

Mizzou won’t…