OM black bears v AU plainsmen/war eagles/tigers

I’m really conflicted about this game. Hate both programs. Not sure if it matters to us which one wins. We beat OM so I think I’d like them to beat AU to assuage some of the pain we got at AU’s hands. OTOH, an AU win suggests the Tigers are actually a very good team who will move up in the polls. An AU win also sends OM back to the mediocre position they should hold in the SEC. Oh well, I guess I’ll just watch & try to find the silver lining in whatever outcome occurs–since they can’t both lose.

OM is performing well against the Tiggers. If OM wins, what does that mean for our team, having beaten OM and disappearing against Auburn?

I think we mentally were not prepared to play, but we had sufficient talent to be competitive–just as the current OM vs Tigger game shows. Mentally? Why?

I don’t feel so bad now after watching part of this game, and I think if we are mentally right, we can and will beat Florida.

If we are not mentally ready, then I might go to Hawg Lounge for the answer. I see plenty of threads there that worry about direction of the program and offer corrections.

I do have to give credit to Auburn for being more than ready against us. Heck, it might have been easy for them. But the same ground game that destroyed us is wearing on OM also, just as bad.

Fun game to watch. But I feel better about the Hogs now.

Auburn is slicing through OM just like they did us.

The difference of course is that our offense, with what turns out to have been hurt OL and ultimately a hurt QB, couldn’t move the ball at all. Which shocked us all. I expected our game to look like what the current game looks like. Offense just going up and down the field.

I do think we have the skill players to hang with anyone. OL has come along. Strangely, people who haven’t believed in CBB have moaned that he wouldn’t get skill players on offense. That’s proven to be wrong! His specialty has been what suffered this year.

Our defense hasn’t been good for a season and a half now. Robb has had essentially one good year here.

I believe that an Ole Miss loss helps our position. It appears that we are now fighting for 4th place in the west (against Ole Miss, MSU & LSU; not sure we can leapfrog Auburn at this point).

Hate’m both. It’s good for ya.

Don’t really care who wins. Somebody has to lose. Our finish will be based largely on how we play in November, not what happens in other games involving West teams. And LSU, Moo U and Auburn still have to play the crimson steamroller.

So you’re saying that the records of other west teams don’t matter when it comes to bowl selections? I simply disagree.

Reminds me of the current presidential race. There ain’t no good guys in this one. Just liars and cheaters.

Ole Miss isn’t running for much, but Chad Kelly has passed for well over 400 yards.

Auburn went three and out on its first two drives of the second half. They also have had to kick four field goals. Not exactly slicing right through Ole Miss’s defense. The Rebels’ defense looks the way ours should have.

Ole Miss is consistent…cant run the football and cant stop the run.

I’m not saying it doesn’t matter at all. I’m saying what we do matters more. We’re not bowl eligible yet for one thing.

And with the game on the line Freeze is gonna freeze and Kelly is gonna fold.

Bucky froze alright. Changing QBs near the goal line removed OM options and helped aubie. That miss of 6 points was on him.

Good points. I think AU showed that they are not a fluke against our defense. Pettway isn’t a fluke that looked good against our Defense. OM did a much better than us at protecting their QB long enough for Kelly to slice them up with routes behind the LB’s to reduce blitzing and overloading the line.

It made no sense, whatsoever. If you want to run with the QB, Kelly is great at it. And, putting the other guy in tells the defense they can probably expect a run.