OM 15-12 over Ark St

Wolves have some guys who can really swing the stick 6 Doubles 4 Hr.

I watched part of the game. AState gave up a lot of infield hits to OM and couldn’t get the last out of the inning. It seemed like a good game for a while.
Who ever the hogs put in the mound better be ready to compete.
Our offense should hit their pitchers!

Yeah they can swing the bats, they put 10 on Miss State earlier. But you’re right we should put up double digits runs unless we hit like we did 1st game against APB

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I watched bits & pieces of that game. Did not see the inning where ASU picked up all those runs. Those of you who saw it can correct me if I’m wrong, but I bet they came up against a pitcher or two who were serving up meatballs in that inning. We know that can happen in baseball. We gave OM that opportunity in that 18-14 game where we jumped out to the big early lead. Lord knows Noland did that for LSU last weekend.

I don’t want to waste our top pitchers against a meaningless mid-week game against ASU, but I also loathe the ASU athletic program, so I’d like to hang a 100 on 'em & set them down 27 up & 27 down, too.

I think it was something like 11-2 black bears when I checked in. They were cruising at one time.

Yeah. I watched that inning. Turned it off. Tuned back in a little while later & it 11-10. Then OM kept hitting but put in a good closer. It worries me that we could do the same thing–sorta like we against UALR a couple of years ago.

I saw enough to decide ASU is not very good in the field.

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